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Beverly Hills, Here I Am...

ON THE VERY LAST DAY IN LOS ANGELES and after checking out, we took a drive to Beverly Hills, a place I heard so much about ever since i was a young girl... Couldn't conceal my excitement when my Bil suggested that  we should do some sight seeing downtown... And soon....
We arrived here.... Beverly Hills!
Tourists like us, perhaps....
From any angle, we see tourists like us....
At the park...actually I was quite disappointed.... It was not properly maintained....
My BIL told me to blog about this... Maybe someone will do a better job on the park after that...
We drove past some mansions along Beverly Hills Drive....
Nice and quiet neighbourhood....
We din't have a tour guide so we don't know where Tom Cruise is staying... Hahaha...
Wherever the stars are, it does nit matter....
As long as I am here now... That is what matters... :)
My dream becomes reality.....


  1. Wahhhhh...the rich and famous! are putting on weight there! Sometimes it is the weather, so sweating, so no weight loss. Makes you look younger though. LOL!!!

  2. Fuiyoh, Beverly Hills, reminds me of the series Beverly Hills 90210 I used to watch when I was a kid..

  3. Wah...lovely place to go visit leh. No see leng chai? Ok least been there before

  4. You are a star now, been to Beverly Hills.

  5. wah, Beverly Hills, and i first came across this name from Beverly Hills 90210, it was such a great hit back then, errr, in the 1990s right?? so were you lucky enough to bump into any celebrity there?? :p

  6. The famous Beverly Hills. Oh! you didn't get to see any of the stars? Never mind, you are the Star for that day!

  7. So nice to have your dreams of visiting beverly hills come true! Nice photos!

  8. Syok! I only drove past the area through Santa Monica Blvd, didn't know there is actually a tourist spot for it!

  9. wah....Beverly hills!!! I din' know that Tom Cruise stay there...But this place is quite famous from that tv series Beverly Hills 90210...haha!

  10. Yeah I remember being on the bus and the guide was telling this is so and so's house and we just see the gate only hah..hah....

  11. Looks like not so many tourist from the pictures, guess mostly local?


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