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Livingston Designer Outlets

WOKE UP EARLY THIS SATURDAY MORNING TO START OFF OUR DAY TRIP TO LIVINGSTON... the weather was around 9 degrees and I wore three layers of clothing before we started usual I sat behind so that I could have the whole backseat to myself....somewhere along the way, we stopped for a cup of hot coffee and to use the 'disabled' restroom...
Finally..after two hours plus we reached this place....
Livingston Designer Outlet something similiar to those factory outlets....
Despite the cold air, I just got to take a picture....
And more inside the mall, as we walked along.... or should I say, as I was wheeled....
Everyone seemed to be walking above me and I realized it was my midgetness height...
Caught in action in the Fossil shop....
Which one shall we choose?
Finally after some hours, we reached home with our hands full.....
Some items just could not escape our wallets... 
The French Connection was having some nice sale...
And I ended up buying these for my special ones....
Okay, shopping is now closed for this trip....


  1. Wowwwwww!!!!! Just look at your loot!!! Isn't it expensive...the way it is with our miserable ringgit? Never mind...filial son is paying, eh? That sure is a very nice you had a great time shopping there.

    9 is pretty cold - when I was in the UK, the lowest it went was 6, I think and yes, I also had layers and layers of sweaters on! Nice though, I like it cold!

  2. Nothing stop you from wheeling and shopping around. Nice haul.

  3. So semangat, eh? Can go shopping some more. Good for your, Claire!

  4. huh ? Fossils again? hahaa... Got get me anything?

  5. Bullshit. Shopping will never be closed as long as you have not boarded the plane to fly home! :D :D

  6. Enjoy your shopping spree. I don't believe your shopping will end there but instead more to come, hahaha....

  7. Good to see you being so happy and smiling away during this shopping trip! Enjoy!

  8. wah, have wheels will travel and have wheels will shop too!! hehe.. but that is actually not a lot you have bought, yet you have already closed the shopping for this trip?? too early to say that, sure got more things to buy later la.. :p

  9. So good to see you enjoying your shopping. Are you sure shopping is closed. This is only the 1st week only!

  10. Walau Eh! This Ipoh Tai Tai is so kaya when our ringgits are falling like bird shits. Wakakaka
    I would love to window shop at such outlets with interesting displays. I believe the prices must be cheap that prompted you to buy. 9 degrees and you are all wrapped up! I will be in Tokyo soon and the temperature is around that too. Thanks for the tips to keep warm.


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