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Goodbye 2015, Welcome 2016

My 2015 started with much activeness I have never experienced before and the year ended with a pang of "inactiveness" that I have never experienced before either.... Now sitting down quietly in front the computer, I am digging back my old posts and looking back of what this year has been about for me.... JANUARY  Spending our first CNY without our beloved mama.... FEBRUARY My last time punching clock.... MARCH In Johor after CNY ....  And Aaron's departure at the Changi Airport... APRIL A short getaway to Adelaide.... MAY Two months working vacation in California.... JUNE  Working for my food and lodging.... And that includes vacationing as well!! JULY Departing from San Francisco Airport...  Bye Bye.... AUGUST  CHIJ 1977 Reunion Gathering! SEPTEMBER Flying down south for two weeks.... OCTOBER My biggest challenge in life began.... But flew to Europe regardless...  for a 3 weeks v

From Hospital Fatima To Batu Gajah

ALARM RANG AT 7.30AM.... and I was all ready to go out an hour later... not to anywhere to enjoy but to the hospital.  My appointment with my bone specialist for the third time... By Now I know my procedure very well, after registering with the clinic,  I was wheeled to the basement to do the X-ray... this normally takes an hour.... While waiting for the report, I admired my "naked" leg... It has slimmed down a lot... cos it was not in "use".... By noon I was "done"....  I went home and out again within an hour..... My friend came to fetch me and we went for a drive to Batu Gajah..... I was so indebted to my friend.... She knows I need some distraction.... And we went to a few places...  Tanning my leg as usual... Actually I was advised  by doctor to put up my leg all the time... And to exercise it whenever possible...... This is how it looks like after being wrapped up.... I cannot step on it ... as yet...  B

Tempting Me With Coach

I WAS NOT INTO HANDBAGS AND WALLETS.. not until I went to US last May. All these years when I was working, I did not go shopping for handbags or wallets, they were not in my "interest" list.  I am more into shoes and sandals.  Come to think of it, the handbags I used for working were bought by my kids for my birthday and "hand-me-down" from my sisters. My interest for bags came about this year in May... suddenly I am into handbags... and wallets, purses.. Not so practical to be interested in these, after all, one wallet can last me a couple of years and coming to handbags, worse... now that I am no more working, how often do I take a handbag?  I think I am being "influenced" by my sister during my two months stay at her place in Sacramento.  When it was time to fly back to Malaysia, I had NINE handbags in my suitcases and a number of wallets/purses!!  To my shock and horror!!  Ok, I admit not all are mine.... my friends requested me to get some for them

My Best Hokkien Prawn Noodles In Ipoh

I AM VERY HUNGRY NOW.... and it is all my own fault.  It is only 6pm, yes no doubt time for dinner but all I have is some desserts on my table and lots of cookies.  Nothing savoury and I do not feel like cooking anything now. Started off my day by waking up at 11am *I am shocked I overslept!* and I quickly messaged my friend to tell her that!  She is supposed to come to my house at 11.30am to send me my ration for today, economy rice, fruits, desserts..... really so nice of her to get my food and sending them all the way from her house which is not so near... Well, as she always say... What are friends for?  They are for sending me Food and keeping me Company till she yawns or I yawn.... hahahahaa.... So what shall I eat for tonight?  I cannot afford to be choosy but I really look forward to noodles such as this!! Prawn noodles in Ipoh Garden South....  One I would like to go again... Lots of ingredients and the soup was to my liking and loving! hahahaha... The Che

Hokkien Food Ang Hoay Loh At Jelutong, Penang

TIME TO GO BACK TO IPOH... Before we left, we had to fill up our tummies first and we went to this shop here near Chinese Recreation Club called Ang Hoay Loh along Jalan Gurdwara, Jelutong.  This is my first time eating there and oysters is the main menu.... It is at a corner next to State Penang Association   and there were ample parking space..... My friend cum driver who drove like Formula 1 back to Ipoh..... Oh, just look at the left corner... Orang Cacat .. . Slow Handicapped.... The man who got down from his bike asked me what happened to me... I answered in Hokkien... "Pak tor"... "Fell down"... I wonder whether I spoke correctly or not.. haahaha.... Coming back to the food... we ordered these few dishes.... Glassnoodles with oysters and big prawns... Hokkien noodles with oysters and fish slices... Crispy fried fish with beansauce... Leeks with beancurd... *tau kwa* A Hokkien dish... Meat coated with flour and cooked with

My Quiet Christmas 2015

CHRISTMAS DAY 2015!  My most quiet Christmas moment... year after year we entered a different phase... changes in life... This is the year I retired for good, once and for all... This is the year my sons are not with me, one hundreds of miles away and one thousands of miles away in another continent... From the year I started blogging, that is 2008, life is always not the same anymore... year by year, there are new changes in my life... and each year is a bonus and I am really thankful for everything that comes my way... my daily life is fulfilling... be it peace, joy, pain, hurts, happiness, contentment, I shall be thankful for each day.... An ecstatic moment as I dug out my Christmas posts.... Christmas Greetings....  Christmas greetings in 2011 Year 2012 Year 2013 Year 2014 My life is surrounded by beautiful people...  my kids, my family, my friends from all over...  though they are not always by my side,  I am very grateful that... I am OFTE

Christmas Is Not Christmas Without Fruit Cakes

TODAY IS CHRISTMAS EVE... this year will be a bit different for me, staying home the whole day and night.  A very quiet evening at the moment and not quiet anymore in a matter of hours. I really do not mind the quietness, I am not idling... in fact my fingers never stops... either I am here on the laptop, or playing on my iPad, Sodoku or watching my favourite Astro series which I have been faithfully recorded for many weeks already. My buddy dropped by to visit me, bringing lunch and accompanying yours truly till evening, then she left.  Half hour later, another friend dropped by... bringing me a gift and special food for my furry member as well.  So nice of them!  My day is Her special homemade gift for Christmas! Freshly baked Fruit Cake!  I couldn't resist and cut a Big piece to eat as soon as she left...  The aroma of the brandy filled my mouth... hmmmmm...... And at 7pm........ My sister-in-law brought dinner...  Yum Yum.... She told me it is just sim