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Cook-Whatever-In-Fridge On A Beautiful Sunday

WOKE UP EARLY IN THE MORNING only to realize that I did not make any plans with anyone for today.... Oh dear, what am I going to eat this morning?  I have not try driving out myself, still no confidence as yet, after today, I will have to consider "re-learning" how to drive again.  My last drive was four months ago! Back to my morning, I quickly got up and rummaged through my fridge... I remember having a bit of this and that but I need to make sure.  Of course, I can just make a phone call to my siblings or friends, they are just a tinkle away.... ahemmm.... They are wonderful people who have "looked" after my meals each day... but NOW I am going to start to be Independent again where food is concerned.. Need to look after myself since I can walk a bit now here and there.... To my delight, I have these in my fridge....  One potato, two chinese sausages, leeks and eggs.... And a new dish is "invented"... An odd combination no doubt.... But

Booster Gifts From Love Ones

SOME GIFTS RECEIVED PRIOR TO NEW YEAR AND CHINESE NEW YEAR.... I received these mixed gifts from my love ones.... BIG Hugs and Love to them!! Though I rarely drink these in my younger days, I guess now these are not avoidable anymore... Yes, I need these for my age... as supplements... or booster dose... Whatever, as long as I feel sort of "strengthened"... I will drink! And this gift came all the way from London too... "My mama needs this...." Now I am wondering how he knows about this... Maybe he saw me browsing at the airport? Over here, I dare not even think of buying... This was bought in Cold Storage, Singapore... It comes with a stainless pot as well, I was told... And for CNY, we might get to eat this provided someone cooks them.... I think I have some homework to do....  *googling for recipes!*

Here's Everything You Need To Go Travelling In America!

If you’re lucky enough to be on a gap year or in between jobs, then you may be making the most of your time off by travelling to America. However, before you set off on your epic adventure, you must be sure to plan everything meticulously to ensure you make the most of your time there. Fear not, this needn’t be too difficult. Here’s everything you need in order to go travelling in The States. Plane Tickets  The hardest part about travelling is saving up for it in the first place. Hopefully, you’ve got a load of savings stashed away in your bank account. However, if you’re not that fortunate, then you’re going to need to find a way to pay for your plane tickets. Flying anywhere can be expensive, but especially to America - as it’s such a big place! Look on flight comparison websites such as Sky Scanner to find the best deal and book as far in advance as possible to save yourself that extra bit of money. If you’re not sure which state to fly to, then check out our travel guides .

Prosperity And Treasure Pot 2012 Not 2016

SHOPPING AND WALKING MAKES ME HUNGRY FAST.... especially with those banners displayed right outside the food outlets such as this.... Treasure Pot aka "Poon Choy" in cantonese.... The banner was displayed right outside and the price shown was beyond my budget...  Chinese New Year is around the corner and this dish will attract customers.... I think I have eaten one time at this restaurant and I did not find it as attractive as shown....  That was few years back...  ahhhh... Managed to find the picture in this post .... Taken in March 2012...  So one time is enough...  Coming back to my post, we stepped in to have a light lunch....  We ordered their "Lai Mien" with this toppings.... Our light lunch..... so we shared this bowl of noodles.... And their famous "Siew Loong Pau"...  Two for each of us... enough...  I won't be able to eat the third one... too meaty.... I prefer their double boil chicken soup....

Save Money on Business IT without Compromising on Security

You need technology to help your business go around. It's almost impossible to run a company today if you're not using computers and other tech. Even just one computer on your business premises can make so many things easier. It helps with communication and with keeping track of everyday tasks. No one is still using a book to write down their accounts - or, at least, they shouldn't be. But computer systems can be expensive especially when you're outfitting a whole office. You might be looking to save money but worried that cutting costs could affect your security. Don't worry, though. These tactics will help you to save while keeping your systems secure. Start Using the Cloud You might have heard people talking about the cloud, and perhaps started using it a bit. Some people use cloud services without even realising it. For example, you might use Google Drive, which counts as a cloud storage service.  Using the cloud can help you save money, and it can imp

Shopping At AEON Station 18 With Two Sticks

GOING SHOPPING IS STILL A HASSLE, I cannot walk too long and I need someone to push the trolley for me. Oh yes, not only the trolley, I need to be "pushed" too... But I am sort of "promoted" in a way, from walker frame, I am now using two clutches!  Not only that, I can step all my full weight on the ground now.  YAY!!  I am so happy, it is like a Big Achievement for me after all the struggles and discomfort moving around.  I think one never imagine how inconvenient it is till it happens... *one day I am going to blog about how I feel through it all, the fears, the tears, the frustrations, the reality, and most important of all, who stand by me and support me all the way* Chinese New Year is getting nearer.... I have not done much shopping, I do not even have a new pair of clothing, I guess this year will be an exception... But I am so grateful to my friend who faithfully drove me around to "look see" at AEON Station 18 one fine day.... Yes, I was r

Stuff You'll Need to do if You Want to Visit New York City

New York. The Big Apple. NYC. The Empire State. These are just a few of the names and nicknames used to describe one of the world’s most powerful and breath-taking cities. Millions of people live in New York, and many more visit this great city everywhere. There is so much to see and do and experience. In fact, many people might argue that the world is run from New York It might be somewhere you’ve always wanted to go but never had the chance to do so before now. Well, now is the time to take advantage of that urge and go for a visit to New York. There is so much there for you to experience, and you’re unlikely to be the same afterwards. So here is a collection of ideas and suggestions for things you need to do if you want to visit New York . Get an Apartment First up, think about where you’re going to stay. Sure, you could choose to stay in a New York hotel as there are many lovely and luxurious ones. However, you might want to get a more intimate experience by staying in a

Tasty Cowan Street Ayam Tauge & Koitiao, Ipoh

REACHED IPOH AROUND 3PM and after unpacking, we were too tired to do any homecooked food in the house.  We just wanted something "light" for dinner and to beat the crowd, we went out early to this shop famous for its smooth, silky koay teow!  It has a very simple name, I just googled for "chicken koayteow in Cowan Street" and this name came out as Cowan Street Ayam Tauge & Koitiau. In my opinion, the food here can beat the other famous shops in town.... Only setback is that this shop does not open everyday, heard that it closes on Monday and Tuesdays.  But one never know, it can close for one week or so without prior notice  so when we saw it opened, we were so happy.... Quickly we parked our car and got seated right on the first table in the shop where I could see them in action.... There were at least five foreign workers helping the owner....  From my table near to the entrance, the people just kept trickling in every now and then... All came f

How Your Restaurant Can Reach Out to New Customers

Finding new customers for your restaurant is not always easy, but it can be done. Here are some top tips to help you out. Switch Your Location The location of your restaurant is a huge factor when it comes to finding new customers. If you are in a location that doesn’t give you much exposure, you will struggle. So, if your restaurant is tucked away in an alley that nobody walks down, it might be time to think about a switch. You ideally need to be located somewhere that allows you to take advantage of passing trade. If people can see your restaurant, they can be tempted to come inside. It’s one of the worst-kept secrets in the industry! Start a Food Blog The world extends beyond your restaurant though. To attract people to your restaurant nowadays, you have to think digital. The internet offers you all kinds of great opportunities for reaching out to people. This is something that is not always easy, but it can be done best by blogging about food. You can build a blog

Authentic Lunch At Yoong Kee, Bukit Mertajam

WE LEFT FOR IPOH AFTER A LIGHT BREAKFAST IN PENANG ISLAND... a very light breakfast because we had intention to take lunch in Bukit Mertajam. It has been many years since I last visited BM and I could not remember much about the place I had last eaten. I thought I had never been there till I reached the place and I was thinking to myself... "Oh yeah, this place looks rather familiar.... " Well, almost ten years, what do one expect from a lady with a short memory.... hahhaaha... I am hopeless with directions and I do appreciate being driven instead of driving.... Even with road signs, I do not have confidence.... and I do not have GPS on my phone.... Somehow we made it to the town and we found what we were looking for.... This is the stall cum shop...  And we made a mistake of ordering this fish... hahahhaa... White pomfret steamed teochew style..... However, the fish was very fresh... worth taking... once awhile...  Then their signature

3 Key Promotional Steps For Your Business In 2016

Promoting any modern business requires a lot of hard work. That is because everyone has to focus their efforts on the digital world - and there are many competitors. However, we’ve developed three steps that should help you to stand apart from the crowd in 2016. So long as you put the advice on this page into practice, your outlook should improve. Don’t take our word for it - try for yourself! 1.     It’s imperative that all serious business owners invest in SEO this year. You need to make sure your site ranks at the top of all relevant search listings. That is how you will increase traffic levels and build brand awareness. The infographic will tell you more. 2.     Launching PPC campaigns using Google Adwords is a step in the right direction for your business. That is the best way to guarantee your brand appears whenever people browse the internet. There is also a fantastic remarketing option you’ll need to understand. 3.     Maintaining active social media pages will alw

My Delights In Penang Food Courts

MANY OF MY FRIENDS ASKED ME WHY I AM OFTEN IN PENANG...  Just a few reasons and one of the most reasonable and practical one is the Food!  I do not go to fancy restaurants in Penang, in fact I think I have not been to a high posh Chinese restaurant in Penang before, I am always frequenting the ones that I eat and eat again each time I go there.  Food that suit my taste buds despite having to sweat and "sniff" due to the hot weather and hot chillies!   hahahaa... Now I am back home and as my food folder discloses all these pictures, all I have tasted before I came back.  Looking at these pictures, it is not surprising I will be back there again very soon.  Like Arnold Schwarzenegger's famous line in the Terminator says...... "I WILL BE BACK..." Taken in Lye Lee @ Terrace Plus, Bayan Lepas Clear soup Fish Mihoon Small portion of Penang Lobak.... This was bought in Jelutong market... a Teochew snack, I was told...  And the tasty Kuehkak stall