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Hawker Food Delights In Taman Perling

FROM JOHOR PREMIUM OUTLET, WE MADE A STOP AT TAMAN PERLING TO HAVE A DOSE OF DESSERTS....  These stalls are only opened on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays, I was told so since it was a Wednesday, we did not want to lose the opportunity to miss eating these delights!  They open around 12 noon and closed around 6pm in the evening depending on their business. Upon reaching, there were only a few stalls opened, anyway, it did not matter cos what we wanted to eat, they were available... On a hot weather, this stall was just perfect....  We sat right in front of the owner who was busily preparing our orders.... This is grassjelly with dried longans... aka Leong Fun Mata Kucing... I was eyeing for this... I was told this is Not to be missed... Three of us ordered the same dessert... Bubur Cha Cha Ice.... So creamy and Fattening! hahahahahaa..... Along with the desserts, we had Johor Chee Cheong Fun....  Comes with sweet sauce and curry.... Can choose our

How To Establish A Bedtime Routine For Your Toddler

Image Source All children need a good night’s sleep. Being overly tired is detrimental to their growth, health, learning and relationships. How do you establish a healthy bedtime routine without it becoming a battleground? This is a problem that most parents are familiar with. Be Consistent Consistency is important. Build a routine for your children and stick to it. Make sure their kindergarten or school bags are packed early in the evening. Start their bedtime routine at the same time each day. As part of their development, toddlers will try to push the boundaries. However, it is important that you remain firm. Be calm and gentle but be strict about their bedtime. Ultimately they will feel safer knowing their limits and that you are in control. Allow Them To Wind Down About an hour before their bedtime routine, encourage quieter activities. Foster a calm, peaceful atmosphere and allow them to wind down naturally. If they’re still excited and active, draw thei

What Are You Looking For In Great Commercial Real Estate? Some General Advice

Commercial property is divided into three different use categories: offices, retail and industrial. Offices tend to be the lowest yielding for commercial real estate investors. This is because office tenants tend to stay in their premises longer than retail or industrial tenants. Yields on industrial property tend to be a little more volatile, thanks to the ups and downs in the sector. And retail tenants often don't stay for as long as you'd like. Knowing when to buy, and when not to buy, commercial real estate can be difficult. So let's have a look at some of the factors that filter into making a great deal. Build Quality Credit: When looking for a great office space , be aware of build quality. Office tenants often want aesthetically pleasing premises. They want places that broadcast their desired company image. As such, look for quality panelling, like those made by Centria Panels . Usually, high-quality panels have the dual purpose of

My Little Loots At Johor Premium Outlet

FROM IPOH OUR JOURNEY TO JOHOR TOOK US NEARLY SIX HOURS TO REACH... We started off from Ipoh around 10am and stopped two times at the resthouse along the way.  It was a smooth journey all the way to our destination, reaching around 4 something in the afternoon. Along the way, I felt something was missing.... I didn't know what I had left behind till we nearly reached Johor... then only I realize I did not bring my Passport!!  Sigh.... No passport means no going to Singapore this time round.  No going to Singapore means no Shopping.... huhuhuuuu... No shopping in Singapore means I have to settle for something local here.... and Aaron obliged by taking us to Johor Premium Outlet... no choice so have to settle for the second best! At the main entrance and escalator leading up to the second floor...  It was quiet today.. maybe it is a weekday... Well, all the better... can walk freely and leisurely...  At the second floor... leading to the main outlets.... Okay,

Turn Your Garden into a Tranquil Space in a Few Quick Steps

Gardens can often be places with lots of activity. It can be where the kids run around, the dog plays fetch or birds flock to feeders. However, it's also one of the best places in a home to relax. You can sit outside and enjoy the fresh air, reading a book, having a chat, or pottering around. If your garden doesn't feel tranquil enough, it only takes a few changes to bring some peace into it. You can easily make a small area where you can sit and relax, or turn your whole garden into a calming space. Start your garden transformation with the ideas below. Image via Make It Private and Quiet It's difficult to relax in your garden if you know people can watch you, or there's a lot of noise. One of the first things you can do is boost privacy and soundproofing in your outdoor space. Putting up a fence around the perimeter is one option, if you don't already have one. If you do, you could get a taller one or extend it at the top. Plants also make excelle

Dim Sum Treat At China Chuan Kwong, Greentown Ipoh

THE NEXT MORNING WE WENT FOR ANOTHER BOUT OF DIM SUM.... The previous week we went to town for dim sum, it was not satisfactory at all.  This time we went to another dim sum restaurant in Greentown and this time round, the food served was up to our expectation.  Every dish came out hot and nice, even the mini egg tarts were fresh from the oven! Mini egg tarts are my kids' favourite! We ordered not one plate but two... for satisfaction.... Fried radish with fresh bean sprouts.... Prawn springrolls... My kind of desserts... Prawn dumplings... not to be missed... Siew Mai is also a Must...  And their Dan Dan noodles...  And a few more varieties that I have missed out in my handphone...  Now we are confirmed Big Eaters! The bill came to around RM72 and we did not pay for it... Coincidentally my cousins were sitting a few tables away... And they picked up the tab....  So nice of them... and we were blessed with a ... Scrumptious Breakfast

A Nutritious Breakfast At Keng Nam, Ipoh

MY GIRL ARRIVED HOME AT 8AM... since we were already up, might as well take the opportunity to have an early breakie and then back to bed after that... hahahaa.... Yes, we are the sleepyheads... my son just mentioned that our family are real sleepers... each morning getting up is a very tough task! Back to our breakie, my girl suggested Keng Nam in Cowan Street aka Jalan Raja Ekram, mother and son did not object a bit... we were very famished by the time we reached there... My girl's favourite food for breakfast....  Chee Cheong Fun with mushroom and sweet sauce...  Her odd combination...  And this is mine... a mixture of this and that...   Keng Nam's famous curry noodles...   A side order to be shared by three of us...   Three layered tea.... And another two slices of kaya butter toasted bread.... We are really BIG eaters!! After our breakie, we went home to catch our lost sleep....  .... hahahahaha  ....

A No Frills Dinner At Home For Four

NIGHTS OF HOMECOOKED DINNER FOR AARON AND MYSELF... ever since he came back to Ipoh since Tuesday. Oh sorry, only on Tuesday evening we went out for dinner and that too, was a homely type of meal... From Wednesday till today Sunday, we had our evening meal at different homes.... and out from the five nights, I cook TWO times! Yes, two times is considered a record in a matter of five days... hahahaha....   My girl was back too and that makes four of us... *Andy, you got to put on the bibs first... your turn is coming soon!!* A No Frills dinner at home.... own home....  Reanaclaire's cooking, no joke! Not sure what dish this is called...  My girl wanted broccoli, I wanted okra...  In the end, the dish turned out this way! Steamed two skinny and skinless "kampung" chicken drumsticks.... with red dates and wolfberries... Somehow after steaming, the deco turned out this way....  But the sauce is sweet from the chicken and red dates flavour... Sa

Invitation To Another Homecooked Dinner

THE FOLLOWING NIGHT, I THOUGHT I WOULD BE THE ONE COOKING FOR AARON... but no, not my turn yet...  This time my sister beat me to it.... hahahaha...   She saw me on Facebook and messaged the invitation to her house for dinner at 6pm. That was yesterday's evening and both of us were blessed with another bout of homecooked food again!  Any invitations for dinner, we sure will not turn anyone down.... don't disappoint anyone, right? hahahahaa... Yummy food lining up for consumption! Steamed Kampung Chicken....  Golden in colour...  Must be the warm lighting! Thong Oh... my favourite greens! Surprisingly, Sweet and Sour Porkie...  The same dish my sister-in-law cook the previous day! More Greens with abalone and sea cucumber! So "foong fu" Thumbs UP for the scrumptious dinner! One for the album before we indulge in the yummy food! Thank you for the invite, cheh-cheh...  Please do call us again... anytime will be fine! hahahah