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Retired Foodie Explorers To Jeram Lui Char

"OK, LEAVING FOR DIPANG AT 10AM TOMORROW MORNING!" And that was my last night's message to my foodie friends....  and this morning I got up refreshed and ready to start off the journey to a new place. True to their word, they came punctually and off we went for another new place we have yet to explore.  However it is not Kuala Dipang we were going to but Jeram....

Jeram?  Oh, this is the first time I have heard of Jeram eventhough I have passed it by numerous times.  I must be oblivious of the signboard leading to Jeram.... It is a small town between Gopeng and Kampar... and the journey from Ipoh to Jeram took around half hour.... *lady's speed*

Thanks to my foodies friends....
Their Geography is definitely Better than mine!
And they even took the trouble to google what their special food is over here... 
The place we stopped and parked... 
Diagonally facing this Pasaraya May....
Some houses just opposite the indoor market where we parked...
It was almost 11am when we reached... some stalls are closed..
And the one we were looking for.... pheww... thank goodness it is still opened!
Here is the name of the stall... 
And of course, my friend did the "ordering"..... 

And this was what we got..... 
Not one bowl... but TWO!
Our Lui Char... 
Consists of various greens, peanuts, dried shrimps among other toppings.... 
Not sure what they really are... but when they are mixed and mixed.... 
                                        Their taste turned out different from our Ipoh's ones.... 
As if those two bowls are not enough, my friend ordered this..... 
Wahhhhh... I really wanted to hug her!
Something really "ching" and clear.... so suitable for us retirees... 
Consisting of bitter gourd, salted vegetables, tomatoes and some beancurd skin.... 
Nothing can be more simple and yet tastefully perfect to my buds!
For these orders, the total came to RM13.50... 
Isn't that GREAT! 
"Retired" Foodie Explorers... I call ourselves!
After our breakfast cum lunch, we explored further in... 
Another place to "tested" for our next trip.... 
At the end of the road stands a Chinese School... 
before we made a detour and drove out of Jeram...
Well, that was not all...
We continued on another fifteen minutes drive to Kampar!


  1. Hakja lui cha! Originally you mix everything and add the soup into the bowl and eat. But most people now prefer to slurp the soup and have it seperately as some could not stand the bitterness.

    Nice photo of the retired foodie explorers. I wish I have someone to go food hunting with me too. Haha.

    1. It is not bitter at all.. only leafy taste but I like the mint taste, so it is fine with me... I normally eat it dry .. and slurp down one or two tablespoon after that.. hahahaa..

  2. I don't fancy lui cha, I always feel macam the green soup got "greeny" smell.. I like your bowl of lou shi fun though, must be very flavourful the soup coz got harm choy..

    1. hahhaah..Yes, I agree not many like... eat is once awhile it is fine...

  3. I don't quite like lui cha maybe because of the overwhelming green taste to me, but this one comes with dried shrimps and I think the green taste becomes milder?? anyway, I will go for the soup noodles, bitter gourd and salted veggie and fuchuk, nice!!! :)

    1. Yes, it is milder and more clear taste... I like the combination of their style..

  4. No, thank liu char for me. :D

    1. I thought we oldies like it.. hehehe..maybe you are not in the oldies group.. hehee

  5. I like the look of lui cha, I mean the "liew" but I am not sure if I will like the green soup. The other soup looks great. I would be happy having a bowl all to myself hah..hah...

    1. This green soup is a bit dilute compared to the ipoh style.. so it is fine with me.. not so strong..

  6. I never tried lui cha before, as i know i won't like it... No, no thank you...

  7. I miss lei cha so much!! I love this dish since last time.

    1. You are one of the young people who like this.. :)

  8. It is good to explore the places around us through our foodie hunts.

  9. I like to eat lei cha. I wonder whether the lei cha taste the same as those in KL.

  10. Lui cha, a very healthy dish but unfortunately am not really a fan of it. If I am not wrong, it's a Hakka dish. Hey, is that my dear friend (6 pix) standing there all the way, hahaha...???...The happy retired foodies explorer.

    1. Yes, hakka dish... and yes, it is she.. hahahaa..

  11. One of my favourite food for the weekend... for detox:D!!!

  12. I always felt good whenever I ate Lui Char as it contains all the greens. I noticed your ingredients and green soup looks different from KL ones. Ours so green like lalang and moss in the water! Lol


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