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Buffet Breakfast At Feast Village, Pangkor Laut Resort

BUFFET BREAKFAST STARTS AT 7.30AM TILL 10.30AM AT THE FEAST VILLAGE.  After our so-called "bending exercises" outside our villas, we were all ready and excited to go and explore further into this exclusive island.   We had to pass through the reception and lobby to the Feast Village...

At the front of the reception area..... 
At the Feast Village... facing the sea on one side... 
And on the other side facing the Hilltop Villas...
Some are on the hilltop....
And some at the Garden Villa....
"Okay, before I eat, I am this round"
Let's START!
Moments later... 
I really ate a lot... these are only part of them... some of them we shared...
Salads, fruits, glutinous rice, dim sum, chee cheong fun..... etc etc.. 
About the food, no complaints....
If only there is more space in my stomach!
The one section I love is the fresh fruits juices...
I can choose my own fruits and get them blended there and then...
I think I drank a number of glasses! 
To shed off some calories, we continued to walk around to take pictures at the garden...
When I stood near the edge, the fishes rushed by....
Too bad I didn't have any bread crumbs for them....
Some of the pictures taken by friendly staff.... 
It is always about us Three!
Ok, one last pose at the Feast Village....
Before we proceeded back to our villas....

I thought of going for a Sail... 
I am Sailing... I am Sailing... Home again...Across the sea... 
Back at the villa front.... 
Both of us trying to pose like those "wannabees!"
Are we the Lookalikes?
Next.... Emerald Bay!


  1. What wannabees? A girl group ar?? XD

    This place is so nice! I always thought Pangkor is a dead island which "got nothing one". That's what my parents always tell me. Hmm...

  2. I like the last photo! You girls are sure having a lot of fun :)

  3. I love complimentary hotel breakfasts. Eat a lot, can skip money. :D

    1. Yeah, but lunch also we eat... cos included.. so fat fat lor.. hahahaa..

  4. oh gosh, cantik giler!!!! Haven't been to Pangkor Laut before. too expensive (><)

  5. Beautiful place and yummy food. You girls are so blessed!

  6. Buffet breakfast got crabs ga? Wah, like lunch leh.. I love my cold cuts of ham and cheese for breakfast, yummzzz..

    1. Yes, I am surprised too! It goes with capati, roti canai... :)

  7. Happy to see you back to your feet again, Claire. And back to your old signature poses. ^^

    The place is so beautiful and serene. I would love to relax over there myself.

    1. Rose, my leg is not so normal but thank God I can walk and drive now.. :)

  8. Lovely photos of you girls!! Good food too!

  9. What a lucky Claire! You will live to 100 with so much happiness and love.
    I love your breakfast and could last me still dinner.

    1. I claim that from you, TM! Thank you for your blessing! hahahaa


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