Thursday, June 23, 2016

Renovations And Home Repairs

I really don't like renovations to be done in the house especially when we are still staying in it.  But  no choice, I had to be around when the workers came and did some renovations in the house recently.   If I have a choice, I would delay doing any kind of repair work in the house but too bad, it could not be delayed any longer, in fact, it was long overdue.  Finally, I decided to get it done over with otherwise my house might get "flooded" when the heavy rains come again!

Once the workers started to drill, I began to shudder, not because of the noise but the mess I have to put up with for a couple of days!  Each day the workers left my house, the first thing I did was to sweep and mopped the whole house again otherwise I would be having sleepless nights.  So what happened to my house that needed fixing?  It was the roofs that gave some problem.  Rain started to seep in at certain areas of the house, yellow patches were obviously seen and sooner or later, the rain or the water would get into the ceiling and down to the floor.  By then I could not imagine what my house would look like.   

According to the contractor who did the repair for my house, he advised that the roof tiles need to be replaced for the whole house.  Oh my goodness!  That would certainly cost a fortune.  Yes, my house is very old and on one hand, it might be costly but if I think of the long run, it is a great way to add some serious value to my home by looking up.  If the roof has cracked tiles or holes in, that will damage its value so I guess I better sort it out before it becomes more damaged.   

Weather is really unpredictable nowadays, one day it is hot and sunny and another day, it is raining cats and dogs.  Strong wind is a norm nowadays, it blows off flower pots on walls, kind of shocking, really.  The contractor has checked the gutters on the roof as well.  A lot of debris and dead leaves has accumulated over the years and can lead to blockage in the long run.  I guess it is time to call for the gutter replacement Perth if you are having the same problem as mine and you are staying in Perth.  As it is written, gutters that become blocked or fall into a state of disrepair, it can lead to flooding, soil erosion, a build up of water on your roof that will cause great damage and other related problems.  It is no good trying to make your property look beautiful if you have a ton of repairs that need to be done.  Invest in having repairs done early on before it is too late.  Ignoring them too long, you will need to pay a lot more than having them to be fixed now.

As for my house, it is now fully renovated and done with.  No doubt I have spent quite a fortune and lots of cleaning up, I feel so much relieved now that I can just sit back and relax, no more worries about heavy rains and strong winds!

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