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The Green Green Grass Of Cameron Valley

AS IT WAS TOO EARLY TO CHECK IN, we drove passed Tanah Rata to visit the evergreen plantation... no, it is not durian plantation but Tea Plantation this time... It has been more than three years since my last visit and three years later, it still has the same look...  (Only my look has changed! hehehee.. )
Cameron Valley it is called....
And we were looking forward to drinking Cameron Tea... 

 As I was still a bit "wobbly" after the long and winding drive at some areas,
I was yearning for hot ginger lemon tea....
and of course... it blends well with a delish piece of Tiramisu.... 
Seriously, I felt so much better after that...
All the "wind" was discharged... in one way or another...
Having hot tea with desserts and looking out into the Green Valley... 
What more could one ask for.... 
And I walked down a few steps to bask in the sun... 
*Only for a short while.... *
If one observed carefully, one can see that I was sitting awkwardly..
Why is that?
I think it is safer in this pose....
Yes, it is quite high from where I stood..
Valley of the Dolls....Tea...
The beautiful Green Green Grass of Camerons!
Perhaps in another three years, I will come back again.... 
Hope Everything will still be Evergreen....  


  1. I miss the strawberry desserts...yum...yum!!!

    1. There are everywhere on sale in Camerons! :)

  2. You worry you fall off the rail? ^^

    I missed the green plantation.

    3 years? Easy for you to drive over. For me, need to fly and hitch a taxi going up there. Would be many years before me and family heading up the highlands.

    1. Yeah yeah.. I worry... height phobia ma... hahahaha...

  3. The last time I was in Cameron Highlands was in 2007, 9 years ago. It does still look the same in your photos.

    1. Yeah, I think they don't change... we do... hahahaa

  4. Oh my, your pictures of these hills are beautiful!!! And so are you, Claire. That tiramisu looks so good. Such gorgeous scenery. I remember you visited a tea plantation years ago, but do not remember that the pictures were this stunning.

    1. Wow.. you have a good memory.. yeah, it was three years ago...

  5. The 5th picture, you better than me, if me, height fright....

  6. What the... did Cameron cast some spell to lure visitors recently? All my friends who came to Penang for visit last month, ALL OF THEM followed up with a visit to Cameron Highlands.

    By the way, I want that cake! Looks so so delish!

    1. Then you should go too!! See what lured them there.. hahahaa...

  7. I love CH! Just the journey to reach the highland is tiring.. Car sick! :p

    Love your outfit, looking very young there ;))

  8. So green and lush. It looks pretty sunny. Was it warm? I hear that it is not as cold there anymore.


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