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My Trademark Signs And Poses In Edinburgh

ALONG THE STREETS OF EDINBURGH after the visit to the Edinburgh Castle...Our walk lasted a couple of hours... but due to constant stopping, we did not feel so tired.... We had our lunch at The Orchid, a Thai restaurant somewhere along the way with a couple of friends who met us up.  As the Saying goes... no sex please, we are British... And My saying... No western food please, I am Chinese!  Lol... Our Long Walk at The Fringe Festival  Walked down from the Edinburgh Castle.... Notice my over and over again trademark? Bear with me.. One more.... Among the crowd, there are two Asians.... Theee actually... And a golden blonde....she is real..... This too is real... And he is floating in thin air.... The weather was simply beautiful...  No more sweaters for us.. In the midst of the crowds... People and people everywhere.... Performance on the streets.... Dancing too.... Oh, seems I have a "partner?" Shopping time.... The famous theatre in Edinburgh.... Walking back to our parking

Military Performance At Fringe Festival, Edinburgh Castle

The Edinburgh Festival Fringe is the largest arts festival in the world and takes place every August for three weeks in Scotland’s capital city. It is all about celebration of arts and entertainment!   It was to my sheer delight that we came at the right time for the festval started on the 5th August till the 29th.... When Aaron suggested going to Edinburgh for a day trip, I was thinking it would be kind of tiring to drive the five hours journey to and fro.  It would be better if we could stay a night but after numerous ckecking for lodging, we could not get anywhere near around town and even those which were located a bit further from town was quite costly to us.  Leaving no choice, we spent almost the whole day there, only leaving around 8pm after our dinner..... The obe having the most fun is none other than my girl... Everything looks wonderful to her.... For me, bonding with them are my happiest moments! At the top of the Edinburgh Castle.... With the comedian... At

Top 4 Essential Oils That You Can Use To Cure Headaches

Many people suffer from different types of headaches every day. Whether it is a migraine, which is usually the worst form, a sinus headache, a headache from a cold or other illness, or other types of headaches, there are people out there suffering from one of these forms of headaches. They normally reach for whatever type of pain killer they can find, whether it be a pill, a warm cloth over the head,  a herbal tea of some sort ,  or anything else they can find to ease the pain so they can function normally throughout their day. However, there are also essential oils that can help ease a headache and even get rid of them altogether. Here are the top four essential oils you can use to get rid of your headache. Lavender Lavender essential oils seem to help with many things and one thing it can help cure is a headache.  The main reason it can help cure a headache is because this essenti al oil can help relieve stress and tension and just help you relax more.  It can also help for ne

Day Trip To Fringe Festival, Edinburgh

SATURDAY IS FINALLY HERE!! The trio set off early for a rrip to Edinburgh which is less than three hours drive from our place.   It will be only a day trip for us for we were not able to book a suitable accommodation in Edinburgh.  The festival of the year is on.... Yes, it is called Fringe Festival... I did not know what that is until we reached there.  This is my third time visiting Edinburgh but it is my first time experiencing the excitement and happening in this city..... On the way, we stopped at Dundee to take a short rest at the Tay Bridge.  Weather was simply beautiful. Sunny skies all the way.... Soon we reached Edinburgh and our little girl was most excited... I think We lost a lot of calories here in Edinburgh.  After parking our car near the castle, it  was all about climbing stairs to the Edinburgh castle and walking endlessly along the strrets to join in the crowd.  We were there for more than four hours and our parking fees alone came up to £17.50!  Okay, don&

From Brentwood Villa To Giant Crabs At Boddam, Peterhead

WAITED FOR AARON TO COME FETCH US FROM BRENTWOOD VILLA, the one and only guest house which makes one not missing home at all... Mary Moh who is not a stranger to many of us, she has opened a Bed and Breakfast guest house in Aberdeen here. Just opposite Aberdeen University.  A very prestigious location especially for parents and students alike, who can gather and stay at her well furnished rooms, plus on top of that, we can have the luxury to choose our own menu rabging from western food to Malaysian cuisines such as Nasi Lemak, Pan Mee both dry and soupy versions, Roti Canai, Fried Koay Teow and even Satay is not excluded!!  Just type in Brentwood Villa, Aberdeen and her website will appears before your eyes!  Lol.... Back to my post.... From Brentwood villa, we went to Peterhead,an half hour drive to fulfill one purpose.  Boddam is the name of the place where we could purchase giant crabs at a very moderate price.  We bought 8 big crabs and one kilo of velvet crabs plus one giant lobs