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Food Mission At Yee Lock And Kafe Two Zero Two Zero, Ipoh

ON ANOTHER MORNING, we had our breakfast at Yee Lock, Jalan Musa Aziz aka Anderson Road in town.  This shop opens the whole day but different stalls during the day and in the evening.  That means different kinds of food sold during the day and night.  I have been there twice in the evening during this month itself, the Popiah and the fried noodles lured me there again and again. Since my sister is still yearning for fish balls varieties, I ordered some varieties for her to go with her noodles which is from another stall.  We can always hear her endless "Hmmmm........ "  for every new encounters she taste.... Her bowl of Loe Shu Fun from Little John at Yee Lock...  The toppings were simply overflowing....  It comes with a small bowl of some porkie balls...  RM4.50 or was it RM5.50?  I couldn't remember exactly.... Another one of my sis ordered curry noodles...  And a bowl of assorted fish balls to be shared... Not sure how much again... no bill.. a

Buntong Fish Ball Noodles At Desa Rishah, Ipoh

SHE YEARNS EARNESTLY FOR ASSORTED FISH BALLS EACH DAY.... and her wish is our command... For the past few days we have been frequenting a number of stalls that sells assorted fish balls till we were at our wits' end thinking of where to go. On this particular morning, we were near Farlim and suddenly one shop came to my mind.  I remember going there with my friend and their assorted fish balls were fresh and good.  Fresh in a sense that we saw them preparing the fish paste and putting them on to the beancurd and one lady in the shop was cutting up the ingredients and then putting them in a big frying pan. Since we were around that vicinity, I suggested going there for our brunch... it was almost noon.  The shop is called Kedai Makanan Dan Minuman Desa Risdah. The three of us ordered the same plate of noodles... My sister was almost salivating when our order came....  She simply cannot get enough of the dry version of noodles...  Different types of fish balls... all

What To Do Whilst Waiting For Your Food To Come

As I’m a big fan of going out to restaurants, there are always a few times when I’m slightly ahead of my fellow eating companions. And so recently I’ve been devising a few ways that I can stay productive when I’m waiting to be sat down at the table. After all there’s nothing worse than having to wait a long time to eat that large bowl of dry curry chicken noodles! link A lot of the time I will take a book to pass the time, but recently I’ve started taking my smartphone which is packed full of great entertainment regarding film trailers, online games, and even some further restaurant ideas. link When I’m meeting friends for dinner, we often have a big meal before heading out to the movies. And I’m a massive fan of the IMDB app which is specially catered for smartphones and tablets and gives me an exhaustive list of all the upcoming cinematic attractions . The great thing about this is that it allows me to switch over to the YouTube app so that I can check out all o

Fuel For The Family! Help With Buying A Safe Family Car            Your family’s safety is one of the main priorities in your life as a parent. There are so many things that you can worry about they can keep you awake at night. But what about when it comes to keeping your family safe in the car? You have so many things that you need to think about.  The safety of your family should be the biggest priority of all when it comes to buying a family car. But there are so many other things that you need to think about when it comes to the practicalities of buying a car. You need to make sure that you have enough space for the whole family to fit in it, and of course, the million other things that you would need to bring with you for even a short journey to the shops. Leaving the house becomes an operation, so you need it to run smoothly! Sometimes because we only have limited finances we try and get by with what we have in the hope that everything turns out okay. Of course, th

Homemade Chee Cheong Fun In Pasir Pinji 5, IPOH

MY SISTER HAS BOOKMARKED ALL THE FOOD SHE WANTED TO EAT... and now each day, I will "chaperoned" her to wherever she wants to go.  An unpaid driver but compensated in kind, that is food and more food.  This driver has since gained weight and growing sideways even though it is only a week since the guest came back from US.  Still many more weeks to go.... cannot imagine.. dare not imagine... how my weight would be by the time she boards her flight back...  LOL... This afternoon we had our cravings satisfied in Pasir Pinji 5.... yes, she saw me post up this Chee Cheong Fun before in Facebook, she wanted to try and taste it with her own mouth..... and her verdict is "MUST COME AGAIN!" Upon entering the compound, we were given a number.. Ours was # 17 and the current number served was # 9.... Expected to wait for 20 minutes or so.....  Our patience pays off... and it was worth the Wait.....  Another one of the best CCF in Ipoh! Everything is homemade...

Don't Forget To Do These Crucial Things Before Moving Day!

There are a couple of extremely important things you should never forget to do before your big move. As there’s so much to remember, ensuring you’ve done these things can be easier said than done. If you’re moving soon, read on and make sure you’ve got everything done before the big day! Label As You Pack Labelling things as you pack up your items will take a little longer, but help you to no end in the long run. You’ll be able to unpack much faster when you arrive at your new home. Not only that, you’ll know exactly where something is if you need to grab it fast. Make sure you list everything in the box clearly. You can also write down the room it’s supposed to go in. image Find Lost Keys You might have keys lying around and have no idea what they are for. Handing every key over to the estate agents or new owners is crucial. You don’t want to leave them with an incomplete home! Check that you have the keys for all doors, windows, bolts, sheds, and anything else tha

Exotic Food And Desserts At Mun Choong Restaurant, Ipoh

SECOND ROUND OF CELEBRATION ON THE REAL DAY... This time the nine of us had our dinner at Mun Choong Restaurant aka Public Restaurant along Horley Street.  The restaurant was full to the brim even on a Wednesday.  I guess many like this restaurant, we have to talk a bit louder to be heard... Anyway, the real B-day is about food and desserts and of course, the Company which consists of family members and close friends.  This time round, we ordered dishes to go with rice.... Mun Choong famous prawns is a Must Dish... So is the Ginger Chicken.... Their Signature Bean Curd with Fish Paste...  Mini french beans with preserved vegetables... Black Pepper Ribs... I find it so-so cos I am not into black pepper...  Yummy Yam... very nice and appetizing...  And their black pepper noodles... Again, I prefer the noodles without the pepper...  The night is not complete without a Durian Cake! Specially ordered and it was homemade too! Everyone gave a Thumbs

Dry Curry Chicken Noodles And "Sidekicks" At Yee Fatt, Ipoh

YES, I KNOW I AM GETTING ROUNDER these days and it was all due to IPOH food here and there.  Not sure why only the face is affected, seems the fats are congested at the face instead of anywhere else along the body.  Whenever I see a weighing machine, the first thing I do is put my two skinny legs on top of it.  I am very puzzled... my weight is still the same but the face is sure getting rounder like a Moon.  Anyone can decipher that??? My daily ration is only two time, I mean two main meals, one in the morning or brunch and one meal in the evening.  My food consumption for the day, that's it.... but I guess my meals are a bit too heavy and oily in a sense and that does not deter me from enjoying them... and that morning was no different.  My siblings and I went for Dry Curry Chicken Noodles at Yee Fatt at 39, Jalan Kampar, IPOH.... Alright, this time we ordered two plates of noodles to be shared among the three females....  The dry curry chicken was just overflowing... noo

Birthday Celebration At Sun Lee How Fook Restaurant, Ipoh

A BEAUTIFUL EVENING FOR A PRE-BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION AT SUN LEE HOW FOOK RESTAURANT with my family... This is the first time my sister came back to Malaysia to celebrate her special day with us.  Never mind about her age, she is always evergreen and some even lamented that I look older than her!  Okay, not older maybe I look more "matured" ... she is always the "young" one in our family, ever active, good appetite and youthful skin... *Hope she reads this*... LOL... Though our parents are no more here, we always like to call our auntie and uncle to come along, we miss the older generation, both of them are like parents to us and we can get along very well.  All of us are getting "more matured" each year and it is good to get together to enjoy each other's company.  Every since our mom left us, we learn how to treasure one another more and not less..... It is just the timing...  our kids have all grown up and now we have more time to spend with one anot