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Double Scoops And Waffles At Inside Scoop, De Gardens, Ipoh

NIGHT TIME DESSERTS! After a hearty meal with my in-laws, I suggested to have the evening completed with some cold desserts..... I know for sure Andy will readily agree to what I have in mind, no doubt about that!  LOL... There is one ice cream corner at De Gardens, apart from Haagen Daz, now competing with them is Inside Scoop. The first time I had desserts at Inside Scoop was at Gentings.  I tried their Musang King scoop and got smitten by it.  And now they are in Ipoh, I wanted to try this flavour again. Andy loves waffles while I love the double scoops! We ordered two flavours.... One D24 durian ice cream and the other is the Banana Pecan.... For this kind of order, it came to RM22.30 Our "ice-cream" looks before we dug in! LOL... 

The Different Benefits To Having Fountains

There are various advantages to having fountains in a garden.  Garden fountains are able to produce relaxing sounds, they are beautiful, and they are highly appreciated by humans and animals.  In addition to these dominant benefits, fountains also present with several subtle advantages.  For example, the falling water can increase the surrounding air's level of humidity by injecting moisture into the air and making it fresher or cleaner to breathe.  By injecting moisture into the air, fountains are also able to remove airborne pollutants or allergens from the air. 1.  The Beauty Of A Garden Fountain One of the first things people notice when they come across a fountain is the sight of the water rising and falling according to outdoor water feature ideas .  The attraction of this water movement is obvious.  Take into consideration 'Old Faithful' in the Yellowstone National Park where people flock to witness the working of this stunning geyser that has been functio

Cong Yin Branch At Theatre Street Ipoh Town

BACK IN IPOH AFTER A TWO NIGHTS STAY IN SG BULOH...and back to food exploring by Andy... The very next morning we went to UTC to have his passport done.  Everything was ready within 2 hours and while waiting for the passport to be processed, we went for our brunch at a new place which we have not been before.  The noodles house called CY is in town, just opposite the famous Salted Chicken and the chicken rice shop Pak Kong.  This CY is a branch, originated from the Cong Yin noodles in Ipoh Garden South.  If not for my friend who informed me, I wouldn't know that there is a branch now in town. My order.... Loe Shu Fun with minced meat and bamboo shoots... Andy's order.... Mixture of two types of noodles... Side orders... and one Bah Chang... But I forgot to take that picture cos it came much later.... Our brunch including The Bah Chang and drinks came to RM29.. Lasted us throughout the day till dinner!

Online Games Visit

My name’s Karen, and while many of my friends have been avid online casino players for years, it’s not something I’ve ever tried before. I’ve been to casinos in real life occasionally and I enjoyed them but I must admit I let other people put my wagers down, and I didn’t try to understand the games or anything, I was busy enjoying the bar! But since a couple of my close friends have had some pretty impressive wins without spending too much to play, I’ve been wondering if I’m missing out not giving it a try myself. So I got their favourite website link from one of them – Slots Baby games casino, with their casino promotions – and paid a visit. First impressions Slots baby is not what I expected from an online gaming site. I was a teenager in the 70s so it’s got an appearance that I love – groovy! It’s really bright and colourful. I don’t know why I thought these pages would be mostly black, but that was genuinely what I was expecting, so I like the pink! There’s a clear list of

Eating And Shopping On the Fourth Day Of CNY

FOURTH DAY AT SG BULOH... We went for something spicy for our morning brunch.... easily accessible especially when it was still festive season and the Chinese shops are still unopened around the area we were staying.  Not sure what the name of the Indian restaurant is called but I know it is near the market.  Our food ordered....  This looks like a pancake, right? But it is not... it is actually fried rice wrapped with this layer of egg.... Fried chicken which is still hot and tasty.... My piece of Tosai which is a bit crispy too.... With some mutton curry....  Then proceeded to 1-U for shedding calories.... Our treasures inside the trolley.... Tea time at Nyonya Colors.... And my bowl of desserts before leaving....  Then for dinner, we had Steamboat at home....  After dinner, it is a time for "Jamming"... Everyone loves to sing except the younger generation! How come... hmmmmm....

Physical Activity for Mental and Physical Health

Years of research suggest that physical activity can help improve both mental and physical health. It is claimed that just 20-30 minutes of exercise a day can help combat negative moods, depression, anxiety and aid weight loss and the prevention of illness and diseases. It is important to exercise for a healthier and happier life. Physical activity can also help improve mental health if the physical activity is a social activity. For example if you join a sports club, as well as benefiting from the actual physical activity, you are able to socialise with other people. This helps to improve social skills and you might even make some friends for life. There has been lots of scientific research carried out investigating the link between physical activity and mental well being and helping bad mental health. Although physical may not be the answer for everyone or fix problems completely, the overall significant findings show that all levels of physical activity have a positive impact o

Third Day Of CNY In Sg Buloh

ON THE THIRD DAY OF CNY.... We went southward bound to Sg. Buloh, started our journey around 12 noon and reached our destination three hours later instead of the normal two hours journey.  Traffic was kind of heavy but at least they were moving... At certain parts when the cars slowed down to a crawl....  My son told me that once a car slows down at the front,  all the others behind will follow suit and thus the long queue... Thankfully, better that than mishaps on the roads...  Our dinner on the third day evening....  Buffet style...  Thanks to a few cooks... we are able to have this scrumptious meal! Of course, the cook is not me.....  Taken with one of the "cooks"..... After the scrumptious dinner, we had a good time sitting around the table....  Doing something we used to do once a year...  Guess what it is... LOL... 

Delightful Decorating - 5 Tips to Create the Perfect Look for Entertaining

Photo by +Simple on Unsplash Entertaining guests is an exciting opportunity to show who you are; not only in the dishes you serve but also with the space you share with others. It can be hard to know just how to update your dining room or other entertaining areas for the most significant impact. Here are five tips to creating the perfect look for entertaining in your home: Update Your Furniture Instead of reupholstering your dining room chair set yet again, think about investing in some new furniture. By including modern pieces such as Brosa’s dining chairs or snagging a deal from Overstock, you can instantly change the feel of your dining room. Of course, new paint to old furniture is another great money saving tool to improve your surroundings. Let There Be Light Nothing can reset the mood of a room better than good old-fashioned lighting. Come to think of it, let’s forget the old-fashioned part. Smart lighting is here and can make entertaining even more f

How to Give a Good First Impression as a Small Business Owner

Are you getting ready to launch your business that you worked so hard to start? We understand this business is like your baby: you put everything you had into it, and now it’s time to bring it out into the world. However, just because you believe in your idea or creation doesn’t mean the world will too. It is extremely important to make a strong first impression as a small business owner in order to drive sales and create your first set of loyal customers. It can be difficult trying to figure out how to get your first set of customers to believe in your company. It also takes patience; you won’t get everyone to trust your brand immediately. However, making a solid impression will jump-start your small business to success. Here is how to give a good first impression as a small business owner: Confidence Is Key Stand firm in your brand and what it is you are promoting. Do not adjust the vision of your brand to help persuade more people to go with your business. Not only

7 Ingenious Space Saving Ideas for Small Kitchens

Photo by JarosÅ‚aw Ceborski on Unsplash Homes of grandeur have always been a kind of status symbol and a show of wealth. However, the 21 st century marks the beginning of the “tiny home” phenomenon. People from all walks of life are now trading their large houses for small and efficient properties to simplify and declutter their lives. However, a diminutive home, while cosy, requires you to be smart with your space. Here are seven space spacing ideas for small kitchens: 1. Hanging racks When it comes to items such as cookware sets that you use on a daily basis, it’s a good idea to keep them within easy reach. Hanging racks will meet the mark as a convenient storage option that takes up no floor or cupboard space, but houses your cookware sets easily. The best part is, your beautiful copper, stainless steel or ceramic pots and pans will look stunning displayed on the wall, or hanging overhead. 2. Pull-out pantries Kitchens can often have a lot of wasted space, so wh

Home Is Where The Heart Is

 DISTANCE KNOWS NO BOUNDS... He misses home during this festive season, the two F-s... Family and Food... With the modern technology, we connect to each other every day... "How's your day, what did you all eat for CNY?  Where did you all go?  Did you keep the red packets for me???"  LOL.. And we can talk and talk until I say... OK, time to watch my favourite show! Connecting even though we are thousands of miles away....  Chinese New Year 2018 from Ipoh with Love!

3 Ways To Cut Costs On Your Vacation

Vacations are goals in life. Everything we do points toward the things that we look forward to doing, and vacations are right up there in the list of goals for us all. Scaling the Rockies, snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef, skiing the Alps: goals galore! The problem is, we all have grand ideas for our vacations, with not so grand wallets to go with them. Getting the most from your vacation in terms of experience is vitally important. Getting the most for your cash? Well, that’s just essential! Travel costs are spiraling upward at the moment, with vacation companies upping their prices and things like war and terrorism spoiling the tourism industry. The thing is, planning a vacation isn’t just as simple at throwing a dart at a map and choosing to get on a plane. You need to shop around for the best deals and learn where you can cut corners without cutting on quality of your vacation. Don’t be left out of pocket and learning the hard way why you’re supposed to balance your vacation

Making Your Wardrobe Last Longer

Image We all know the pain of buying an outfit for a stupid amount of money that in hindsight was a stupid move, only to wear it for two weeks of summer and then have it go completely out of fashion by next summer. It’s an idiotic thing, but we all do it. Clothes are so expensive, and shopping at cheap clothing shops can be harmful due to seriously unethical practices. And even when you do have items that you love, you wear them so much that the wear out quickly. No one wants to have to keep replacing items of clothing because they keep breaking, and making items that you have spent your hard-earned money on last longer is always going to be a winner. Quality over Quantity Rather than heading to a cheap store and buying a basket load of clothes, spend your money on a slightly more expensive brand that produces higher-quality clothing. Not only will this help reduce unethical practices , but it will also ensure that the items that you buy will last for longer - and th

Ushering In Second Day Of Chinese New Year 2018

Second Day of Chinese New Year... also known as Opening of New Year... This second day of CNY is considered a very auspicious day for the Chinese, officially ushering in the new year with lots of red crackers, making noise and of course, the glorious food on the table.  My late in-laws used to say, the more food displayed on the table as much as possible, it signifies abundant food for the whole year through.  Now they are no more here, we try to maximize what we can cook and usually ends up not as much.... we have tried our best to cook as much as we can to a certain limit. LOL... This is half of the portion of the food compared to the time my parents-in-laws were around.. All the food were finished up in one go.. instead of leaving them overnight...  This is from Reanaclaire's kitchen...  Poon Choy from Singapore...  One for the album before we ushered in the New Year!

How to Be Creative with Flowers!

You have to know that you can always be creative with flowers. There is a wide variety of flowers and there are so many ways to arrange flowers, too! Make a great combination of flowers can make them look more beautiful and fun as well. You can even be creative with the container of the flowers too such as: Bouquet A flower bouquet is definitely the most popular kind of flower arrangement . This is the most classic yet the most preferable way to arrange flowers and flower gifting. Vase After the flower bouquet, the flower vase also popular. Most people will use a vase to move the flowers from a bouquet to keep it longer. Either it is a glass or a crystal vase, your flowers will always look stunning if you arrange them well. Bottle A bottle is a more creative flower container here! You can use any bottle as the container of your flower arrangement such as an ex-wine bottle. Your flowers will look as elegant as they can be in just a simple c

Dinner At CJ Hotpot On The First Day Of CNY

STEAMBOAT DINNER ON THE FIRST DAY OF CNY... As usual, there is no cooking in the house during this festive season.  Mama is lazy, she does not like to do cleaning up especially after the cooking, after all, she is not a good cook... Might as well take this opportunity to go out and look for food.  And since it was a cool evening, all of us agreed to have the special steamboat in CJ Hot Pot in Ipoh Garden East... Before we arrived, we already thought of Plan B... just in case this CJ Hot Pot is not opened, we will go to another restaurant nearby.  To our delight, it was opened and there were still a few empty tables too!  I was expecting the place to be full since it was the first day of CNY... and half-way through our dinner, the place was full to the brim.  Good to be early diners.... I must say... Waiting for it to boil.... We ordered a side dish... too dark to recognise what it is? This is fried mantis with spring onions and dried chillies...  Cannot expect much du