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Why Philadelphia Is Worth a Stop on Your Cross-County Road Trip

Philadelphia might not make as big a splash as New York City or Washington D.C., but it's definitely worth a road trip stop if you'll be traveling along the East Coast. From fascinating moments in history to odd attractions to world-famous foods, Philly has a little something for everyone. Discover what makes this urban center such an exciting and unique destination to add to your journey. Historical Sites Image via  Flickr  by cjsorg   It's no secret that Philadelphia played a major role in American history. Independence Hall , where both the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were signed, is considered the top Philly spot for history buffs. Conveniently located just across the street is the famed Liberty Bell, which weighs in at an astonishing 2,080 pounds and was once mounted in Independence Hall's belfry. Philly's City Hall, the largest municipal building in the country, is an architectural gem boasting plenty of historical significance.

Entertaining the Easy Way With One Pot Meals

Image Credit:  Pexels Entertaining guests with a delicious home-cooked meal is a cheap way to get together and a great opportunity to experiment with some interesting ingredients. The joy of cooking is always in the play of texture and flavour, but sometimes it can take a lot of effort to produce. But instead of reaching for the takeaway menus  when you don’t have the time or energy to spend the afternoon in the kitchen, you should instead go for a simple one pot. With less washing up, and most of the cooking time requiring only a modest amount of attention, the humble one pot can provide flavour without much effort. What Do I Need to Make a One Pot Meal? To begin with, you need to make sure that you have what you need in the kitchen. A big wok will serve plenty of people a decent stir fry meal and a large ceramic casserole dish is the perfect vessel for stews, casseroles and even ratatouille. For some really beautiful ceramic cookware, have a look at

Proper Preparation For Your Trip On The Road

Image Source The majority of times you go away, it’s likely you fly. After all, you can’t exactly drive across oceans. What’s more, flying is the cheapest option available in many cases. And, it’s certainly the fastest way to travel long distances. Sometimes, though, we hit the road instead of the sky, and decide to drive to our location. It may be that you’re going on a city break , and driving makes more sense. Or, perhaps you’re going on a full-blown road trip, and the journey is the body of your vacation. Either way, going long distances in your car when you aren’t used to it can be daunting. It’s likely you’ve studied your route and tried to prepare stop-offs to keep you from drowsing behind the wheel. All important stuff, of course. But, with all these big plans, it’s easy to forget about the fundamental checks you need to make before leaving. Lucky for you, we’re going to remind you of them here. Basic maintenance It would be foolhardy to head off without doing a f

Here are Some Easy Ways to Get Pests out of Your Home for Good

It can be very alarming when you realize that pests have invaded your home. Suddenly you may no longer feel safe or comfortable in your own property. The most common pests are  termites, mice, bed bugs, wasps and even ants . They can cause a surprising amount of damage in a very short space of time, leaving you with a headache and a potentially expensive clean up and repair bill. This is why it is important to be aware of the most common pests and how to  prevent them entering your home. If they have got into your home there are several ways in which you can get rid of them for good: Lemon Juice This is very effective against ants. They simply don’t like the smell and are very reluctant to cross a line of this liquid.  As well as lemon juice you can persuade your ants to leave with cinnamon or peppermint.  You’ll need to cover their nest in one of these liquids to persuade them to pack up and go. Electronic Devices. There are many  electron i c fly traps  which

My Fake Face From Facebook

SERIOUS MEH? Saw in Facebook... Many of my friends "played" with this FB app and I joined in the club out of curiosity and vanity..... Dug out one of my old photos taken two years ago and uploaded it to this Faceapp.... Viola!! Nope, I did not share it on FB cos it is definitely not me!  The difference is too much.... Starting with the eyes... Reality....  Droopy eyes  Nose.... Reality.... big nose like Jackie Chan... Teeth.... In reality, visible gaps in between.... Overall face.... Roundish, pigmentation and acne ..... I showed this photo to a couple of friends and they agree to one thing... "No, its not you!" If I wanna look like that, I guess I have to fly to Korea and spend my life savings on this new face!  No more originality.... How can........ But then...  I like this New Face This App created.... LOL....

How to Get Your Yard and Garden Ready for Summer Fun

The Spring is an excellent time of year. Winter's harsh weather goes away and the new season brings moderate temperatures, sunshine, and new growth. During this season you can start living outdoors again. Spring is a good time to start working on your yard. Here are a few projects that can help you prepare your yard and garden for summer fun. 1. Control Pests  Garden pests, like  aphids , love new growth. If you see trees and plants with poorly formed or curled leaves, this is a sign of aphids. These pests usually target fruit trees, citrus trees, and roses. To remove aphids from your plants, wash the foliage frequently using a strong jet of water, to blast the aphids away. You can also use horticultural oil or insecticidal soap. If you want a more natural treatment, release ladybugs into your garden at dusk. If you have a problem with slugs and snails, you can bait them, or remove them by hand.  2. Prepare Flowerbeds Amend your planting bed soil with organ

Bye Johor, Hello Ipoh

MORNING FLIGHT... The very next day, we have to catch the morning flight at 8am.... we switched on the alarm for 6am and off we went to the airport without any breakfast.  We have to reach there one hour before the flight departs... At the dusk of dawn... we reached the airport in Senai.... Everything went on smoothly, no delays in flight.... Surprisingly we were not even hungry... The scrumptious meal at Pekin was still in our tummies The plane landed at Senai before our boarding time.... And this plane took us back to Ipoh safely and earlier than the scheduled time.... 

Our Last Johor Dinner At Pekin Restaurant, Sutera Mall

THE LAST EVENING DINNER IN JOHOR...  It was a Saturday evening when my in-laws invited us to have a nice scrumptious dinner at Pekin Restaurant Sutera Mall.  Yes, this is one of their regular and favourite restaurants and I also love the food there very much!  Most of the dishes I have tasted are very nice and tasty and the price!   is also very nice and pricey... LOL... I am very thankful to my in-laws, they always pick up the bill whenever we have dinner there. I always like their choice of dishes.... What they order, all I like! Tau Kan.... Beancurd skin.... Claypot Fish... Buttered prawns....                                                                          fresh and succulent.. Clear and soupy dish...  g Glutinous rice aka sticky rice with the fragrance ... And ended with Sang Mee.....  What a fulfilling dinner...  Oh yeah, some coconut pudding completed our evening meal....

Best beauty brands & products on Amazon

Looking for the best skin care, hair care or make up? We have a wide variety of brands and products to choose from. How are we supposed to know what’s really worth our time and money? Which brand is actually good for us? Maybe, by getting the knowledge about the top brands and their products. Shop using Amazon Coupons  for best beauty products and choose from over 15 lakh products only at Amazon. To grab the best deals and offers visit Get Amazon Coupons. Amazon sale 2018  brings amazing discounts on all product categories. Here are some top beauty brands and their products: Clinique About Clinique, one thing is for sure that their product works and it is proven by the Amazon  customers. The customer has given thousands of positive reviews for this brand. Amazon provides you everything from skincare to makeup at the lower price. Products of this brands like Moisturizers, cleaner, toner, lotion and many more are available. Check out the discount on these products: ·  Get up t

AirAsia Airline - The Guide To Fly With 'Em

What’s up, readers! It’s a beautiful day to write something, ain’t it? Well, while I was looking outside and thinking “What should I write today?”, I saw a plane crossing the sky in my view. It was like gazillion miles away, I wouldn’t know what airline was it. Then, it hits me. Just recently Tony Fernandes, you know, the dude that revolutionize low-cost carrier in Malaysia, yeah, that guy. He releases his own book called the Flying High: My Story. I’d figured, what the heck? Let’s just write about his first baby, AirAsia Airline for a change. I’m not an avid fan or anything, I just thought since it’s also towards the end of the year, you might be interested to know some stuff about local airlines when you plan your travelling, right? Who knows? Maybe it’ll help you have a clear information about airlines and in my entry, the AirAsia Airline of course. Firstly, where you can find the airline besides its own official website? Well, you can check out Traveloka. I saw their ad the other

Online Purchase For New Eyeglasses

My carelessness revealed.. A couple of weeks back, I was looking for my eyeglasses, I could not find it anywhere at all.  I searched practically the whole house, even my wardrobe cupboard for I experienced one time before I left it at the clothing drawer.   But to no avail, I could not find it anywhere.... until one day, I reversed my car from the house to the outside of my gate and I heard a "cracking" sound.  I came down from my car and what did I find???   Yes, you guess it correctly, there right on the road was my mangled eyeglasses "crushed" to death by my own car tires.  How did it get under the car?  The only explanation is that I must have dropped my glasses right in front of my house gate without realizing it and then when I reversed my car, my glasses were crushed! There goes my $$!  I went to purchase another pair immediately for I could not see clearly without them.  It is very costly going to the optical shop and getting a new pair, I tell myself tha

Little Things That’ll Make Your Travels Easier

Anyone who travels a lot will know that it can be pretty stressful. But maybe it doesn’t have to be as difficult as it often is for you. There are so many ways around these kinds of problems, and you can make sure that you always get the most out of your travels by being clever about the decisions you make. Your travels are opportunities for you to experience new things and meet new people; that’s what it should be about. It’s so often the little things that make traveling  easier, despite what many people assume. You don’t need to make huge changes to how you travel in order to get more out of every travel experience. By making a few tweaks and changes to how you plan travels and implement those plans, you will get so much more out of it. Read on to find out which little changes will make your life easier and more enjoyable as you travel. Planning Your Trip to the Airport in Detail Your trip to the airport will be one of the most important aspects of your journey. You