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What to Order when Entertaining House guests?

What makes you feel better? Experiencing hospitality or ruthless behavior? We definitely love to be loved. In this cranky world of today, all we seek for is acceptance and care. Guests have been given the place of God as per Indian traditions and making them feel jubilant is our duty. And what can be better than food to touch their hearts? Nothing can be! So, make sure that you craft a joyous stay for them, take them to the most exciting places you have ever known and give their taste buds an exotic experience. Care heartily!

Ordering Great Entertains Well
Only blood relations don’t counts as guests. Every individual that makes a visit to you deserves a warm and generous treatment. Now some questions arise, how to take proper care of them? How to make them feel fabulous? You can simply plan for trips to the local attractions, order popular delicacies for them, arrange a get together and a lot more can be done. You can ask about what tempts them the most and plan accordingly. Here is the list of some appetizing dishes that can be ordered to entertain guests-

Chinese Food
Whether you like or dislike China, Chinese food will grab your attention for sure. This food is loved by many and is definitely a good way to impress guests too. The best part about Chinese food is that it offers a mix of tanginess and spices which ultimately rules over one’s heart tremendously. Dishes such as Sczechwan noodles, Manchurian, fried rice, Momos, Spring rolls and many others from China are a great option to order if your guests love exotic and spicy flavors. Even though one can cook the same on own, but ordering them from a renowned restaurant will deliver the best experience you can ever have tasting them.

The best place to order
While there are ample of food outlets, websites and mobile apps that offer tasty Chinese food to your doorstep, choosing the best one depends on the parameters of quality and price. And in these terms, Zomato and Food Panda have turned out to be one of the best options to order Chinese cuisines and overwhelm your guests.

You love to have experience of dishes from across the globe? If yes, this time make your guests fall in love with them too. This category contains innumerable food items that are super fantastic to taste and serve to guests. Items like exotic garlic bread, fruit salads, chicken salads, pizza, pasta and a lot more comes under this food category.
Place your order here
Online food ordering has simplified our life in multiple ways. Isn’t this true? Get ready for receiving continental food at the best price through online delivering services. The most convenient and affordable options to order this are online giants like Dominos and Fresh Menu. You can also avail pizza hut offers  and get the item at a cheaper price than ever before. Treat your house guests with the best of the continental food, without hurting your pocket too much.

Special Tandoori Food
Imagine steaming hot food straightaway from the tandoor along with famous tandoori recipes in front of you. By this time we are sure that your taste buds must have experienced a flood, didn’t they? You can order for amazing tandoori dishes like Tandoori Chicken, tandoori quail, tandoori fish tikka, Naan, Biryani, Kebab etc., and serve the same to your guests. The most overwhelming thing about this cuisine is that it brings you the most traditional and mouth-watering flavors and delight your heart gregariously.

Must order it from
Tandoori food is highly tempting if you get it from the right place and definitely embedded with the right flavors. These food items can be easily ordered from Zomato, herein you can simply search for the best options available near you can opt for the most convenient option as per your preferences.

Mughlai Food

The more royal the cuisines are, the better is the taste. Just like the marvelousness Mughal emperors emanated, Mughlai food keeps the tradition alive and renders one of the best feelings of your life. And what can be better than this to make your guests feel overjoyed? You can easily order wonderful food items like Keema matar, Mughlai Paratha, Murg Musallam, Biryani, Mughlai chicken and others and the greatest part is they can be easily ordered online at the comfort of your home.

Order it in an affordable way
With so many foods delivering apps and websites available it has become way simpler to order food at the convenience of your couch today. For embracing magical mughlai food all you need is to order the same from Fresh menu, zomato or Food Panda for an unforgettable experience.

Good Dessert
Each and every meal of the day seems quite incomplete if not combined with diluting deserts. These great deserts melt in your mouth like nothing else and make you feel at the top of the world. You will find items like brownies, cakes, pastries, Indian sweets, Ice-creams, milk cakes and numerous others under this category. These are the perfect fit if your guests have a sweet tooth and love to have the same.

The most amazing way one can order it-
Ferns n Petals is a good option for ordering cakes and chocolates. However you can order other dessert items from online food delivery giants like Food Panda and have a joyous experience ordering and tasting.

Street Food
Often people advise to consume less from this food category, but ask yourself can you think of avoiding street food. Don’t worry it was just a question, this food is super amazing that a thought of avoiding it would have make you feel bad. From pani puris, vada pavs, chole bhature, Chatpatti chat to sizzling dosa, all of these will give a memorable treat to your taste buds greatly.

Choose it over others
For ordering street food in the most convenient, easiest and affordable manner, Uber eats has all types of street foods for you. Uber eats come up as one of the most fantastic food ordering options available today.

Sprinkle Love Gregariously
The best moments in life are those that you choose to spend with your loved ones. Going on a beach visit, embracing the top view from a hill, enjoying the calmness of nature, visiting a groovy club, tasting famous food items etc., are some of the memories that will get placed in your heart forever. You surely need to check out other amazing food cuisines like Punjabi cuisines, south Indian cuisines, Italian food and many others with your family and friends and the taste count must go on and on. Do not postpone your plans, instead of that plan more and more, travel more, taste more and celebrate life a little more!

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