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Shopping begins... each and every day even when we reached Las Vegas.... Busy, Busy... travelling here and there.. No updates for the moment now.  :) 

First Vacation As A Parent? Essential Advice For Keeping Your Kids Travel Safe

No matter how high powered your job, there’s no greater position of responsibility than that of a parent. From the moment we first lay eyes on our children our psychology changes instantly and irrevocably. Our priorities change near instantaneously and we abandon our self-interest in favor of protecting the tiny life we hold in our hands for the first time. But while parenthood is instinctual for many of us, there’s a lot more to it than simple instinct alone. We need to learn new sets of skills and proficiencies from learning the best way to get the temperature of a baby bottle just right to making sure that your home is a safe and hazard free environment to grow up in. As our kids get older, we become more and more adept at sheltering them from the everyday hazards and dangers present in our home and local environment. We develop a “safe zone” that expands ever outwards as our children grow in experience and intellect. Image by PxHere When we go on vacation, however,

Gaining Weight At Leatherby's Family Creamery, Sacramento

WASTING NO TIME... . The very next morning after our morning pancake breakfast, we went to Macy!  NO time to be wasted when it comes to shopping.  Spent a couple of hours there, time really flies when it comes to browsing and trying on endless of ladies' attire!  As for Aaron, he went sight seeing around town and came to meet us at Macy around noon.  He loves shopping too though he ended up buying nothing at all while us ladies got a couple of dresses each.  Soon it was time for the long awaiting dessert which I miss very much while back in Malaysia.  Weather was quite warm and the thought of an enormous ice cream is very welcoming indeed! Finally.... his wish came true!  Daddy's Doug.... the biggest ever found in Leatherby's! We ordered some Chicken Sandwich too with sweet potato fries... And their famous Crab Sandwich.... Generous servings of Fresh crabmeat! Gaining Weight time has just begun!!

Picking Up At Sacramento Valley Station

WITH THE FIFTEEN HOURS DIFFERENCE IN TIME, I managed to catch 4 hours of sleep on the first night in Sacramento.  Slept at 1am and woke up around 5am like a wide eye eagle and slept again in the afternoon for more than two hours before my body get adjusted to the time difference here.  On the very next evening, we went downtown to the train station to fetch Aaron!  His train supposed to reach around 8pm but was delayed for half an hour...  And to pass away the time, I walked around the station which was practically empty...  He arrived safely lugging two luggage.... Time to go for dinner after that....  We went for Vietnamese food cos it was still opened around 9pm... Started on appetizers.... And these too... Someone wants to cool down... This was served... I like lots of basil leaves and lime.... We ordered their special...combination of this and that.... The Large size ... cost around $8.50  The five diners...

I Am Back Again!

LANDED SAFELY..... PRAISE THE LORD! Here I am, back to the Land of Plenty!  Planned my trip since December last year, tickets were cheaper then, this time I used EVA airlines, it cost RM3,179 return ticket.  First time trying out EVA, it was the cheapest compared to SQ, Cathay, Emirates except for China airlines. It has been exactly one year since my last visit.... really time flies.  However this time my stay will not be as long as the previous year cos I miss Malaysia... LOL... Started my journey from Ipoh to KLIA, 3 hours drive... waited three hours at the airport before landing in Taipei after 5 hours flight.  Connecting flight was three hours in between and boarded the plane at 11.30pm and reached here after 11 hours of smooth flying.  Food was pretty good on EVA, I took spaghetti with fish for dinner, porridge with minced meat and taro for breakfast which I managed to finish them all, to my surprise. Landed in San Francisco at around 9pm, went through immigration sm

Lunch At Old Town, Cendol In Bercham

FOOD TRAIL WITH MY FRIENDS... I anticipated anxiously when my friends come calling and paying a visit to Ipoh... Where to go, what to eat is secondary, we always play by ear at the moment of time when we see each other.  Better not to plan than planning, we know our likes and dislikes by now.  Ipoh no doubt has a lot to offer when it comes to food, however, taste buds always change every now and then.  Food aside, we enjoy each other's company, catching up with one another and talking anything under the sun is more fun... Even queuing under the sun for a bowl of Cendol receives no complaints from us.... Alright, we were not exactly under the sun but under the shade....  Someone was lining up for us instead... LOL...  Worth waiting 20 minutes or so....  And our quenching time starts....  Had our lunch at Koh Kee in Old Town, Ipoh....  Steamed fish belly... . Old style of steaming.... with lots of ginger and garlic... Sambal Watercress... Steam

Amazon Echo: A Product of the Future

Discovering Amazon Echo bargains got a ton more straightforward. You can save money on something other than the first Amazon Echo and Amazon Echo Dot now that the organization declared a swathe of new gadgets, and updates for its current models. The first of these new models to be discharged, the Amazon Echo Show is the primary Amazon Echo gadget to incorporate a screen. Amazon at that point caught up with a recently overhauled Amazon Echo and the all-new Amazon Echo Plus. Some way or another, after every one of those new models it wasn't sufficient. Soon after another screen-prepared gadget, the Amazon Echo Spot, hit Amazon store racks. With all these new Amazon gadgets available, how would you know you're getting the correct one, and regardless of whether you've discovered the correct one, how would you know you've discovered the best arrangement? We've scoured the web for all the best Amazon Echo bargains, so you can join the voice colleague unrest as efficient

Bak Kut Teh On A Cooling Evening In Ipoh

A MEATY DINNER ONE EVENING... It was a cooling evening in Ipoh and the best time to go for a hot and soupy herbal soup called Bak Kut Teh.  The most convenient place for me to go is in town, Jalan Chung Ah Ming, shop name is Sun Tong Chew along Ave Maria school.  Do not go during school dismissal time around 6pm to 7pm... anytime after 7pm will be good.  Tables will be along the five foot way by then... but of course, I rather go into the shop... On this particular evening, the place was pretty crowded and eventually leaving no choice, both of us have to share the table with two others.  But by the time we were going to finish our dinner, there were empty tables available...  Started off with these as appetizers....  Followed by hot piping soup with ribs... We opted for soft meat ribs... A small size claypot for two... and soup can be replenished anytime...  Plate of lettuce to go with the Bak Kut Teh....  A very satisfying dinner for us...  Cost aroun

Pandan Pancake At Pengkalan 66

YAY!! BACK IN IPOH!!! Back to "attack" Ipoh food which I have missed for more than nearly two weeks!  LOL...  Okay, slowly does it.  First of all, let me show these photos I have taken in a food court called Pengkalan 66 in Shatin Park.  This is called Apom Balik in Malay, peanut pancake in English and "Tai Kau Meen" in Cantonese.  I have been eating this and it has been one of my childhood favourite dessert!  Those days it was sold at 10 sen for a piece, 20 cents for 3 pieces and now 40 years later, it cost RM1.20 per piece.  Not surprising since so I am now in my fifties and not a kid anymore.  :) This is the first time buying from this stall at the food court... Caught him in action doing a new piece of Pandan Pancake.... This type of pancake must be eaten when it is freshly done... Once cold, it can be quite chewy... and it won't be as good....  Nice timing.... the pancake was just taken out from the hot pan.... And the action begins.

The Road To Recovery: Essential Advice For Patients Leaving The Hospital

If you’ve been in the hospital, you’ve probably been looking forward to the day when you can return home. Heading home after a stay in the hospital can be hugely exciting, but it can also be daunting. When you’re in a clinic, there’s a dedicated team of individuals there to care for you, and leaving this security blanket behind can be a scary prospect. If you’re on the road to recovery, here’s some essential advice to bear in mind.  Picture credit Follow your doctor’s advice The most important commandment for those in recovery is follow your doctor’s advice. You may have ambitions to get back to normal life as quickly as possible, but if you’ve been told to rest, make sure this is what you do. Bear in mind that your care team has experience and knowledge and remember that they want the best for you. The last thing you want is to jeopardize your health or the speed of your recovery by trying to do too much,

The Sensible Guide to Managing Your Health After You Retire

People are living longer and longer these days. That means many are retiring later too, and it also means that many people are experiencing more health problems. The longer you live, the more likely you may be to develop certain illnesses, from cancer to dementia. Looking after your health in your retirement is important. It's a time in your life when you should be able to relax and enjoy your well-earned reward from working for years. But if you're worrying about your health, and your healthcare costs, you might not be able to enjoy your retirement as much as you want to. You need to manage your health so that you can make your retirement as good as it can be. Think About How to Spend Your Retirement Before you start specifically planning to manage your health during your retirement, it's worth just giving some thought to how you want to spend your time. A lot of people are excited about finally not having to work, but once retirement arrives, they don't know

Ramen And Rice Roundup In Osaka

JUST ON FOOD.... JAPANESE FOOD... I told my friends that when I reach Malaysia, I will not take Japanese food for a long long time... LOL... Yes, almost each day it is Ramen and Rice, Ramen and Rice... with the same taste of soup.  I was yearning for some Chinese food by then.  LOL... But I must really compliment their rice texture, they are really fragrant and "chewy"... Even though I bought a packet of Japanese rice before in the mall back home, the texture is still different, not as nice as what I have tasted here in Japan itself.  Here are some food pictures I took during our three days stay in Osaka... Ramen... Ramen...  Ramen.. Ramen.... Ramen ... Ramen.... Ramen.. Oh Ramen....  Ramen in dry style....  Hahh... for once Fried Chicken!!  Yes, this is a side order... a welcoming sight! Very nice too! The one in red is Tomato Ramen.... that is my order....  A meal for one person!   Ramen and Rice two in one....  On another day