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Travel With Food From Sg. Buloh To Malacca And Johor


Many told me that I am busier now than the time I was in my working years.  Some of my friends are very cheeky, the first thing they ask is "Where in the world are you now?" or "Which land are you in now?"  I would like to stay put in IPOH but due to some circumstances, I need to be on the move, running here and there, moving on with life.  LOL...

Alright, having said that, I drove to Sg. Buloh with my siblings, stopover for a day to break the long journey and then we adjourned to Malacca for our lunch.  Using Waze, we managed to get to our lunch place in Auntie Lee after many turnings and it turned out to be kind of disappointing, at least to one of my guests who could not fancy the Peranakan food there.  Yes, indeed, the food turned out not like the other time we went... I wonder why....

Before we left for Malacca, we had lunch at one of the community clubs in Sg. Buloh, the food was very tasty, to our great delight!
Nice ambiance at the club... 

We ordered two "parcels" special on that day... 
Came with two slices of toasted bread to dip in... 
Never tried this before... 
Was told it was an Italian dish... Halibut with seafood and pasta sauce... 

As for me, I kept it safe with my Fried Koayteow in egg gravy... 

And then in Malacca... we had these... 
Plus the Fried Chicken... 
Food was so-so on that day..
Maybe due to our heavy breakfast in the morning, we did not enjoy our lunch that much..
Finally... we reached Johor in the late afternoon... 
Our friend managed to find his "comfort food" in this.... at last!
What a relief for him!  LOL... 


  1. Going to see Andy? How is he? No plans to get married yet? Invite me, ya!

    I've got my eyes on that fish. What's on top? Sambal? Portuguese sauce?

  2. Your friend is a happy "kid" at mac hee hee

  3. Ah, McD is the food to fall back on! I eat at McD too when I could not decide on what to eat. Fast and quick!

  4. hah..hah... your poor BIL. Our local food maybe not suited to him and western food here may not have same standard as what he is used to. So McD to the rescue!

  5. I don't mind moving around when I am older. Keep myself busy and active. Hahaha.

    The Italian seafood dish looked good. Slurp!

  6. Mcdonalds! Well, at least you know what you are getting, and the food is the same every time. And also very cheap. Those packets of food are so interesting! I wonder how they are cooked...likely steamed. Very healthy.

  7. LOLOL.... I hardly travel or fly like you yet my friends also asked "Are you in Malaysia right now?".... I took that as sarcastic jokes. Muahahahaha

    That must be your sister. Both of you look like twins.

  8. Yupe! McD can be my comfort food too. Ha :D


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