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Busy Traffic On 4th Phase Of Movement Control Order

BUSY TRAFFIC... This morning I went to the market and I was astonished to see more traffic on the roads.  How come?  Movement Control Order lifted?  Then only I remember that today is the 4th phase of this MCO and the rules now are more flexible.  Can go on in twos instead of single in one car, more shops are opened, *my friend told me that she has to go to office today, instructions by her boss* ... even my son sent me news that Perak does not have any new cases so far... and I hope there won't be.  We are still advised to wear masks, wash our hands frequently and to keep a distance from one another.  Anyway, I feel that this is not a time to celebrate as yet, we still need to be careful and stay safe regardless.... The other day I ordered 20 pieces of wanton noodle for RM20 Free delivery for at least RM20 otherwise they charge RM5 for delivery... So now every few days, I have this either for my breakfast, lunch or dinner....  And when I feel like snacking... 

Easy Steps Milk Dinner Rolls During MCO

BUN-ING MODE... Last night I spent an hour looking for a nice and yet easy recipe on Milk Buns.  There are plenty of videos to choose from the Youtube and I finally landed on one called Binky.  She has a soft voice, she talks slow and the method looks pretty easy, that is most important!  Ok, I bookmarked the link and this morning, after donning the apron in the kitchen, my hands are put into Active mode!  LOL... *Please note that this is my first time doing buns without the breadmaker/first time kneading so I do not have high expectations!  LOL* Firstly, I took out the ingredients and start working on them... 150ml milk at room temperature 2 tablespoon brown sugar 1 teaspoon yeast (it should be 1 1/4) 1 egg 50gm butter 1 teaspoon salt Stir them up... Then add in 2 1/2 cups multipurpose flour.... Using all my strength, this is the Pre-Buns! Then cut them up to 16 pieces...  Left them in the oven for an hour... It is called proofing....  Let

Homemade Strawberry Jam For The Second Time

LET'S JAM! Not on music but strawberries... LOL... This is my second time making strawberry jam.  I finished the first bottle of jam few days ago... Yay!  And now I am making the jam again, since I have a packet of strawberries left in the fridge.  I have finished two packets, blending them with orange and lemon at times.  And... I have a purpose of making the jam this time... LOL... I notice my friend made some homemade kaya and I asked her, "Hey, let's barter our goods?"  She gave me some of her kaya and I gave her some of my strawberry jam.  Good deal, right?  LOL.... My last batch of strawberries.... Add diced up for easy cooking.... Added in brown sugar and honey this time.....  Let it boil... and keep stirring for around 20 minutes or so.... Thickened and ready to go....  Two small jars portion...  Let it cool down...  Now I have 3 choices...  Strawberry jam, Kaya and Peanut butter for my bread and biscuits! Yummmssss!!

My MCO Snacks And Dishes

BUSY...BUSY... EATING!! Each day three meals is a Must.  Fourth meal is a plus and a bonus!  LOL... What else to do besides housework?  Buy, eat.... cook, eat.... My neighbour goes out to buy breakfast every three days and he always ask what I want... to make it convenient for him, I always tell him to buy whatever he eats, easier, right?  So if he eats pan mee, I also eat pan mee.... One big portion and I could only eat half for breakfast.....  One time I ordered these kueh from online... And they were delivered the next day...  I ordered a bit of this and that... And gave some to my neighbour...  And this afternoon he went to buy these... and gave me two pieces... Yes, I miss these apam balik and I think they miss them too! LOL...  Other than buying, I also cook.... This dinner meal was for two persons....  And yesterday I felt like eating angel hair spaghetti... Just throw in tomatoes, big onions, chicken meat and Prego sauce...  And this is

Why Every Student Needs Tefal Easy Soup

Most students are living on campuses or rented apartments and are forced to eat takeaway or canteen food. Sure, anyone can make soup, but when you're limited in space and time, this easy job seems like an impossible mission. If that’s the case, you need only one kitchen appliance that changes several of them and allows you to prepare soups, stews, potages, and even compote, in a short time. You can read the review and make sure it is possible to have a freshly prepared meal on the menu whenever you want. It’s Small and Compact Soup makers are pretty compact devices of small size. That is very important, especially when purchasing this appliance for your campus accommodation. It will take you places as much as one flowerpot; you can even hold it on a window seal. If necessary, you can also take it out to your desk and remove it right after you have finished preparing your lunch. Ease of Use Even a student who knows and loves to cook often does not enjoy it because o

Fai Kee Delivery During MCO

NOODLES DAY... Each night before I go to sleep, I would go through the Ipoh food delivery on Facebook to see what's new there.  This is called "pre-meals" for the next day.  On that particular night, I spotted Fai Kee doing delivery!  Fai Kee is famous for their meehoon with either fish head/fish meat with salted vegetables sourish soup.  Salivating just by the thought of the soup.... quickly I messaged them and the next day one "runner" delivered the goodies to my doorstep. The meehoon portion was so huge that I just have to "half" it for breakfast and left the second half for lunch... I ordered some sides too... Pork patties, beancurd skin and fish fillets...  For dinner, I prepared my own wanton noodles...  Add in sesame oil/garlic/onions/soy sauce/egg... and my dinner was truly fulfilling!!

Fruit Bread Using Breadmaker

WHERE THERE'S JAM, THERE SHOULD BE BREAD TOO.... I did the second baking on the Tesco breadmaker, this time I tried putting dried cranberries and blueberries.  All dried stuff sitting inside my fridge for a long time already.  LOL... I used a different selection on the breadmaker this time, under fruit bread whereby there would be a beep of 10 seconds in the middle of the kneading.  By the sound of the beep, I put in the dried fruits.  Again, it took nearly 3 hours to finish a loaf of bread.  Best time is to do it around noon so that by 3pm, I can have fresh bread for tea-time! Ready to be taken out....  Looks like a cake more than a bread?   Wonder why it looks like this....  After cutting, it looks more like this.... The crust is a bit hard for me....  Oh yes, I forgot to put sugar into the mixture this time....  Anyway, one to two pieces is more than enough for me for a day...  Happy Tea-Time!!

Homemade Strawberry Jam During MCO

STRAWBERRIES DELIVERY... My fridge was empty of fruits the other day and I ended up ordering 3 packets of strawberries online, costing RM10 per 500gm packet, not sure it really weighed that much or not.  Anyway, they were delivered to my house three days after I ordered.  Fresh, yes... a bit too fresh that some are not so reddish yet.  Tried one.... and it left my eyes closed for several moments.... oww, so sour one!! So what should I do?  I have 3 packets with me... after passing some to my neighbour (I chose redder ones for them otherwise they would shut their eyes too) and I still have lots.  And an idea came to my mind... why not make strawberry jam!  I only have peanut butter at the moment, strawberry jam would be nice for a change.  Quickly I googled and found one recipe on youtube... so easy that if I can do it, anyone of you also can! I chose those small and not-so-red ones to make the jam...  Around 300gm... I estimated...  Diced them up and add in brown and ro

Online Vegetables Delivery To Doorstep During MCO

VEGETABLES DAY... Something caught my eye while scrolling my FB updates.  Lots of various deliveries to our door step on this Stay-Home policy during MCO.  You name it, they have it... I tried food delivery via Foodpanda and Grab initially, then onward to individual eatery shops, the bosses delivered the food to my doorstep.  I also ordered groceries which offer free delivery above RM100 and that includes fish, meat and other sundries as well.  Lastly, I came across this vegetable delivery which only cost RM12, no delivery charges.  *I guess it is included in the batch of vegetables* The next day I got this bundle of vegetables to my door step for only RM12.  I think it is a good buy considering the Stay Home policy and I do not have to go to the market to replenish mine. Though not many varieties but for this batch, it can last me few days! I gave some to my neighbour, eggplants, tomatoes and chilies ....  She will know what to cook with those...  On the same day s