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Sports Fun At Home And Outside

Sports is an ongoing thing, whether you are young, adult or senior, it does not matter.  Regardless of age, sports is what we need to keep ourselves occupied and most important, to stay healthy. Sports are constantly changing and evolving, and new ones are cropping up all the time. This is good news for anyone who might occasionally feel like a change from football and other rough games which are not suitable for many of us especially those with kids in their homes.   Ever heard of this website called t umblemat?  From what it is written, Tumblemat is one of the world's largest supplies in producing air tumble track with extensive years of professional experience.  Not only that,  their products are known for their durability and safety regardless of adults or kids.  Moreover they follow up with their customers from placing orders to guiding how to use air tumble tracks. For little ones, this air tumble track is a good form of exercise for them to enhance their skills quickly and m

My Latest Purchase From Russel Taylors

NEW TOY RECEIVED... but not exactly what I like to play with but have to do it every other day.   I ordered a cordless vacuum cleaner this time, my old one Midea has been with me for at least 5 or 6 years now, it is going to retire soon.  This time round, the Russel Taylor is so much easier to maneuver around, no more pulling wiring around the house.  It is just like a broom, a much heavier broom and no sweeping up dust onto pan. Price is one of the cheapest I have chosen, RM179 with free shipping. Tried it once so far... LOL.. needless to say, the dust was so obvious at the top handle.  Yes, most of the dust belongs to my furry member, her hair was all over my living hall even though she does not stay inside.  So much so, she has her haircut this morning, trimmed to the end with an electric shaver.   I think this is the last online shopping product for this month.... LOL...  Will be in full use every other day if not daily.... 

Homemade Raisins Almonds Flakes Bun

BUN BAKING MODE... Since there was no more bread in the house and I was too lazy to go out to buy, I googled for easy bun recipe on youtube.  I had a hard time choosing the recipe I wanted, there were so many good cooks online, I must say!   In the end I settled for this raisin bun, I halved the portion of the ingredients for 10 buns.  For me, five buns will do but somehow ended up with 9 buns!  How did that happen?  LOL...  Here is the recipe for Raisin buns:  I halved all the ingredients shown 3 cups all purpose flour (375gm) 2 1/2 teaspoon instant dry yeast (8gm) 2 tablespoon sugar (25gm) 1/2 teaspoon salt 3/4 cup lukewarm milk (180ml) 1 large egg 3 tablespoon butter, melted (45gm) 1/2 cup raisins (70gm) Added in almond flakes and walnuts Egg wash: 1 egg + 1 tbsp of water Method: 1.  In a large bowl, mix flour, sugar, salt and yeast 2.  Add milk, melted butter and eggs 3.  Mix together until a soft and sticky dough is formed.  Transfer the dough to a lightly floured surface, knead t

How Do I Know If My Catalytic Converter Needs To Be Replaced?

For most of your car's life, you will hardly even know you have a catalytic converter. That's because this vital component of the exhaust system works quietly and efficiently as it keeps your car's exhaust as clean as possible. In fact, catalytic converters are crucial to the clean air and water of the nation and to the world. Every year, they prevent thousands of tons of dangerous substances from ever entering the atmosphere. Eventually, though, if you have your vehicle long enough, the unit will show signs of wear and tear. The surest sign is when the check engine light comes on. At this point, you want to go to your mechanic or your neighborhood auto parts store to have the code deciphered. The code will tell you if it is time for a replacement. Signs You Need To Replace Your Catalytic Converter In addition to the precision of diagnostic codes, there will be a number of signs that indicate your converter is failing. These will grow more pronounced over time. The follow

Pampering Myself With Unnecessities During MCO

CLICK AND CLICK...  and ended up buying stuff not really necessary for myself.  I think I will delete the shopping apps from my phone some fine day... meanwhile, since I cannot travel or go visiting, I will keep the apps for now.  LOL...  It helps kill time and make life more meaningful... for me! And now.... these started to arrive since Monday.... don't laugh, eh....  Yes, these are for me... no kidding... I was deprived from having these when I was young...' I simply love reading them... I used to borrow these Enid Blyton books from the school library and sometimes I walked a distance away to borrow them and read...  And now... I have the means to buy them! LOL... So I treat myself to whatever I can get from the online stores...  Besides these few, I have gotten quite a bundle of others as well... I wonder whether my future generation will like to read them.... LOL... Next gadget is for the kitchen.... Since I use air fryer a lot nowadays, I bought this from Lazada... Cost R

How to Run a Successful Commercial Paving Company

  How to Run a Successful Commercial Paving Company As a player in the commercial paving industry, would you hire your company if you needed the service you offer? Being objective enough to give a truthful answer is the first step to running a successful company. This is because you will be able to understand the needs of your prospective clients and make the necessary adjustments. This will in turn make them buy into your service when the need arises. This is very important considering how competitive the paving industry is. For information on this subject, you can check here . In this article, we are going to discuss some things you should and should not do to thrive in the paving industry. Learn the Trade You cannot give what you do not have. To run a successful business, you have to understand the technicalities involved. This will help you sail through the good and bad times ahead. So, we strongly advise that you gather some experience working for some major players in the industr

BBQ Dumplings And Chicken Rice For The Day

STORING UP AGAIN... Instead of going out every now and then, I bought 10 BBQ dumplings to be stored up in the freezer.  I drove to Bercham to get my favourite dumplings, it reminded me of last year March, I also bought and put into the freezer and whenever the cravings comes, I can just steam one and eat.  This shop sells my kind of taste... LOL... and I bought a few varieties to mix.  Overall, I still prefer the BBQ ones...  This is the place...  Going into Bercham is around 3-4km...  No police block when I went to that area... Coming out there was... But nothing was asked... phewww... For the sake of these dumplings... Oh, I have already eaten one when I suddenly remember to take picture! This afternoon I ordered chicken rice at San Ma... Then when I reached there, I just have to mention my car number... No need to get down from the car.... For these two packets, it was RM12.80... I like their steamed chicken and their ginger/chilli.. Still have half the rice portion left... Will coo

My Macadamia Nuts Butter Cookies

COOKIES MODE IS ON...  Friday night, I spent some time looking for butter cookies recipe, this time I want real crunchy cookies.  Yes, I did have the secret recipe my SIL gave me last time and and you know what, I couldn't find it, I guess I must have deleted the photo of the recipe she sent to me and I do not want to ask her again.  So "malu-ing" shy to ask her for the recipe again.  (Tai Soe, if you are reading this, sorry ya!  I misplaced your recipe again!) This time all is not lost for I have this faithful reader called Phong Hong Bakes And Cooks who simply loves to bake cookies!  It was always mouth watering for me just by looking at her cookies (that time I did not have an oven yet) and now I do, I must do what she did!  Oh by the way, PH, if you are reading this, it has been quite a while since you last baked cookies, right?  LOL.... I just have to search in her blog "butter cookies" and her mouth-watering cookies all appeared before my eyes.  I had a h

Online Shopping For Ladies Bags

 During this MCO 2.0, I have been doing quite a bit shopping online.  Browsing over a website which interests me might take away two hours at least.  Thus when friends ask me whether I feel bored at home, I always tell them that I do not.  In fact time passes as quick as other normal day when there was no lockdown.  Instead of going out, I spend my time at home doing what I like to do except for housework, of course.  LOL....  Instead of going to shopping malls, I am now on virtual malls, so many websites which offer ladies' stuff which is so much cheaper, and not only that, the selection is like endless!  Take for example, handbags, there is this website called Baginning... no, I did not spell it wrong, it is really Baginning and not Beginning, to start off with.  LOL... It is an online website which has a wide selection of trendy ladies bag, such as tote, backpack, fanny pack, satchel bag, leather handbags and so on.  One time I was a big fan of handbags, I have a drawer full of

A Pet-ty Post About Doggies

WOOF, WOOF.... Seeing some meow-meow post reminded me of these woof-woof pictures which I had taken not too long ago in my friend's house... I like small doggies but I don't think I can handle more than one in my own house.  When I came across 3 of these cute little ones in my friend's home, I took the opportunity to play with them as much as I could and that is it!  LOL....  All these furry members need love and patient training.  They know how to behave if we know how to train them.  They are like humans, they need us to love and at the same time, we must know how to discipline them, train them, to let them know who is the master of the house and so on.  LOL.... No, I do not know much about training stuff, I only know how to talk here.   Much as I like one to run or follow me about in the house, I don't think I have the time to nurture it, pamper it, taking to the groom/vet every now and then... oh, lots of work!  Too much work for these cuties... however, my own furr

Tiffin Here, Tiffin There

 TIFFIN CARRIER... is now put into full use.  For many years, both my tiffins were lying in the kitchen cupboard, but now, I cannot leave home without them!   That is one of the changes in life since 2020 till don't-know-when.  The other day I thought of buying one more set, the La Gourmet, selling those colourful tiffin... thank goodness I did not.. me and my spending, that never change! MCO will be starting in Perak from tomorrow but for many days already, I have not dine out already.  I still go out in the mornings, to get breakfast and go to the small market in my area if I run out of food stuff.  From tomorrow onwards, we are not allowed to dine out, only take-aways within the 10km radius from our homes.  I guess I have to log in youtube to check out more cooking/baking as what I did last year in March 2020.  LOL...  Below are my breakfast/lunch meals.... I only cook dinner.... too stressful to cook three meals a day!  LOL..  Roasted pork with koay teow in clear soup... Of cou

What You Should Have In Your Car For Emergencies

  You never know when you’re going to run into trouble on the road. Whether it’s an accident or a breakdown, you can be left vulnerable if you’re not able to drive away from the scene immediately. For that reason, it’s wise to be ready for emergencies with the right tools at your disposal. Here, let’s look at what that emergency kit should really include. Image Link - CC0 License A first-aid kit First of all, if you get into a collision, then there is going to be a good chance that someone is injured. Even if the injury is a light cut, you should make sure that you’re ready to help patch it up with a first-aid kit to prevent things like infections. However, if someone seems very badly injured, it’s important not to move them unless they are in immediate danger of more severe injuries. Furthermore, if you are in an accident but you don’t feel injured, it’s still important to see the doctor as some issues like whiplash might not manifest for some time. A phone and the right numbers It’s

Now I know What I Did Last Week

MISSING!!   No, I am missing in action but my comments from my previous posts!  All went missing.... now only I notice.  Oh my goodness, I must have done something with my ├»tchy hand" last week.  Instead of deleting the spam comments of 39K, I must have deleted the first 100 comments in my posts as well.  Sigh.... Cannot click undo now.... Next time Auntie must look carefully before clicking the word "delete." Very quiet these days, nothing much to blog about.... homecooked food mostly and nothing to shout about.  Most of the time I am confined in the house, watch TV, watch the green and red prices on and off on share market, go shopping on Lazada, Shopee, a silent reader on Facebook  Instagram... that is what I like to do.... What I dislike is household chores, sweep floor, wash toilet, mop floor, cleaning up house... Cannot even call a part time maid for fear of contacting you-know-what...  Oh dear, if I don't have these to do, will one be depressed?  I am always t

What To Do On This Day

ANOTHER ONE OF THOSE DAYS... Today I have nothing much to write, I scrolled up my photo album a few times, up, down, up down and couldn't find anything to put up and talk about.  So I guess ... this will be a boring post... LOL....  Firstly, with the new restrictions in Malaysia whether it is MCO or CMCO,  traveling interstate is forbidden throughout.  Nothing much to do at home except for watching Netflix and going online to browse here and there.  Share market is also very volatile, nothing to buy nor sell, not that I am a big player also... I don't know much about shares and it is quite boring to look at them when I am not an active player. So what shall I do?  I love to sing and this apps called wesing is one of my passing time gadget to play.  Sing into the earphone attached to the iPad and the voice comes out with echo and very professional-like.  LOL... Too bad (or is it a relief) that I could not attach the link here for public listening.   I am very free now.... perhap

Spending Money At Home

MY PURCHASES...  I go online shopping these days, it is the only choice since I do not go out shopping anymore in the malls.    The latest and heavyweight purchase I ever made was my Dell laptop in December, 2020.  I thought I did not post about it but I certainly had done so after making a search a moment ago.  What I have not post yet is the Dell Optical Mouse with wire.  I just received it from Shopee just now.  I bought it for RM15 with free shipping, a good deal since it is from Dell.  I have a wireless mouse but it is not so practical, the two AA batteries conk out very fast especially when I forget to turn it off when I am not using.   My new mouse for my new laptop...  And what is this?   My hair brush!  It broke into two when it fell down on the floor.... Not because I have hair made of steel if you are wondering...  LOL....  I thought of plastering it back... but then... what the heck... That broken brush gave me an opportunity to browse Shopee again! Arrived yesterday after