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Now I know What I Did Last Week

MISSING!!   No, I am missing in action but my comments from my previous posts!  All went missing.... now only I notice.  Oh my goodness, I must have done something with my ├»tchy hand" last week.  Instead of deleting the spam comments of 39K, I must have deleted the first 100 comments in my posts as well.  Sigh.... Cannot click undo now.... Next time Auntie must look carefully before clicking the word "delete." Very quiet these days, nothing much to blog about.... homecooked food mostly and nothing to shout about.  Most of the time I am confined in the house, watch TV, watch the green and red prices on and off on share market, go shopping on Lazada, Shopee, a silent reader on Facebook  Instagram... that is what I like to do.... What I dislike is household chores, sweep floor, wash toilet, mop floor, cleaning up house... Cannot even call a part time maid for fear of contacting you-know-what...  Oh dear, if I don't have these to do, will one be depressed?  I am always t

What To Do On This Day

ANOTHER ONE OF THOSE DAYS... Today I have nothing much to write, I scrolled up my photo album a few times, up, down, up down and couldn't find anything to put up and talk about.  So I guess ... this will be a boring post... LOL....  Firstly, with the new restrictions in Malaysia whether it is MCO or CMCO,  traveling interstate is forbidden throughout.  Nothing much to do at home except for watching Netflix and going online to browse here and there.  Share market is also very volatile, nothing to buy nor sell, not that I am a big player also... I don't know much about shares and it is quite boring to look at them when I am not an active player. So what shall I do?  I love to sing and this apps called wesing is one of my passing time gadget to play.  Sing into the earphone attached to the iPad and the voice comes out with echo and very professional-like.  LOL... Too bad (or is it a relief) that I could not attach the link here for public listening.   I am very free now.... perhap

Spending Money At Home

MY PURCHASES...  I go online shopping these days, it is the only choice since I do not go out shopping anymore in the malls.    The latest and heavyweight purchase I ever made was my Dell laptop in December, 2020.  I thought I did not post about it but I certainly had done so after making a search a moment ago.  What I have not post yet is the Dell Optical Mouse with wire.  I just received it from Shopee just now.  I bought it for RM15 with free shipping, a good deal since it is from Dell.  I have a wireless mouse but it is not so practical, the two AA batteries conk out very fast especially when I forget to turn it off when I am not using.   My new mouse for my new laptop...  And what is this?   My hair brush!  It broke into two when it fell down on the floor.... Not because I have hair made of steel if you are wondering...  LOL....  I thought of plastering it back... but then... what the heck... That broken brush gave me an opportunity to browse Shopee again! Arrived yesterday after

At Last A Pandora For Auntie Reanaclaire

CHRISTMAS GIFT...  Oh, Christmas 2020 has long gone... this auntie here has forgotten to put up her gift which she received last year.  Ahhh.... nothing to brag actually, just want to put up so that I can remember to remind another to "add"in a charm this year, 2021!  LOL.... *smart?* Actually it was not a surprise gift, I always wanted to get a pandora bracelet for myself and the opportunity arose when I was in Penang last year.  There was a Pandora outlet at the Gurney Plaza and I entered without expecting to buy one.  I was attended to by a young lady, she told me that this Pandora is a good choice and young ladies sure like it.  OH OH.... how about this Me Auntie, I asked her.... so bad of me, allowing her to be speechless for a moment.  OK, OK... young lady or old auntie, I don't care, I still want... LOL... and I ended up choosing this bracelet with one charm, totaling to around RM400 plus..... hehehee...   This is the charm which I had chosen... The other round th

Auntie's Homecooked Dishes On First Day of Emergency

STARTED WITH MCO, CMCO, RMCO and now the latest, EMERGENCY... Perak is under CMCO, so I can still move about without much restrictions.  But with the latest Emergency movement, I am not sure what it means.  From what I read, Emergency control does not affect us civilians, only the politicians.  Ahhhh...   Whatever it is, Auntie here still have to do her daily chores! Marketing!  This morning I went to the wet market to grab some chicken, pork ribs, salted eggs, uncooked wanton noodles and a few types of greens, these can last me for a couple of days before the next trip again. Immediately I set to work when I came home, cleaned up the meat, refrigerate them and start preparing for lunch.  Ended up cooking two dishes plus pumpkin soup for lunch and dinner.  Fried fish on my favourite stoneware wok, Shogun.... I really love this wok...  Why didn't I buy it when I was younger?? NO more scrubbing but only gentle sponge washing...  So nice to use...  The fish skin are still intact.... f

Lunch At Lao Fu Zi Restaurant, Pantai Remis

SHORT TRIP...   A couple of weeks back, we had to make a trip to Pantai Remis to take some things we ordered from a relative who is residing there.  The journey took one and a half hours and we reached the relative's house around noon.  The family took us for lunch at Lao Fu Zi Restaurant for lunch.  The Ipohians were supposed to give them a treat since they were doing us a favour but instead the host "secretly" went to pay without our knowledge.   After our lunch, we were taken around to buy the stuff we needed, dried prawn crackers, the famous Acar, fish and big prawns.  And we forgot to bring the most important thing.... that is the ice box!  My relative solved the problem by giving us a new pail... LOL.... With lots of ice, our prawns and fish are "saved." Not sure how much exactly the lunch cost, we only know it cost RM200 over.  Not very cheap, I might say for these dishes below...  Six dishes altogether.... Braised pork with yam... Sizzling Taufoo... Four

Crabbing At Holy Crab, Penang

CRABBY POST... Nowadays stay home, stay safe and ends up nothing to publish in my blog.  LOL.. What I do now is to dig back my old albums for posting here, that is what MCO, CMCO, RMCO do to me.  Traveling overseas come to a halt and the nearest interstate is only to Penang.  And with the high rise of Mr. Covid, we have to prepare ourselves for another lockdown as in March 2020.  For me I feel safer with the MCO implemented, but I am sure those in business are not going to happy about this.   Oh, I have digressed... coming back to my old photos, these were taken in Holy Crab, Penang when we were there last year when it was still safe to move around.  This shop was just newly opened then and since I am a fan of crabs, I wanted to go and try.  I called up to make a reservation for there are limited seats, I was told.  We went at lunch time with minimal people, only two tables were occupied when we arrived at Holy Crab. A very small shop with less than 10 tables...  It is all about crabs.

Reanaclaire's Kitchen Is Open Full Blast

KITCHEN IN ACTION.... These few days we did not go out for food nor ordered anything online, we followed the advice given "Stay home and don't go out unneccessarily".... LOL.. I wonder how long we can last not eating outside food.  My son prefers to have homecooked food so I guess I have to be  an "obliging" mama..... LOL...   Baked some chicken wings using a lot of ingredients...  The usual salt, pepper and I added in some brandy,  tumeric, chili flakes and potato starch flour My kid did the Korean pancake....  Using chives, spring onion, cabbage and she added some small prawns... Looks kind of messy cos it is all vegetables... LOL...  Batter consists of plain flour, corn flour and potato flour.. Each of us have a piece with 2 chicken wings... NO rice meal....  These are local.... that means I cook them... hahaha... Needs no introductory... common dishes...  Another no rice meal.... I bought Mission wraps.... Each of us have one of them.... Fillings are diced c

The Lake At Polo Ground

MID MORNING WALK.... The weather was so airy, no sun even though it was after 10 in the morning.  We went to Polo Ground, by this time, there were not many people around, just nice for us to have our leisure walk around the enormous ground which was introduced by the British during the 1800s.   After many centuries, now the Polo Ground is the most popular and long sustaining park in Ipoh, equipped with jogging track, reflexology path, outdoor gym, children's playground and lots of ample open areas for families and people to do their exercise such as line dancing, tai chi and even Chinese praise dancing as well.  The four of us just went for half hour walk.... relaxing our eyes after many days of watching computer/TV, locked inside the house.  LOL... Couldn't help taking some photos of the lake and the greens as we walked....  The one and only park I ever go to in Ipoh.... 

Hotpot On A Rainy Day

NON STOP RAINING IN IPOH...  and I heard many places as well.  For the first time, neither fan or air con need to be switched on yesterday, so nice to sleep with the cooling air blowing in through the windows.  On the negative side, there were floods here and there, landslides especially in Camerons.... many places were affected by the non-stop rain for the past two days.   Today is slightly better, no rain but still cloudy.  The non-stop raining for the more than 24 hours reminded me of Noah's Ark... Yesterday I was thinking whether the rain would continue on and on, it has been a long time since it rained non stop for more than 24 hours. Since we did not feel like going out in the rain, we had our three meals in the house.  Started with toasted bread and half boiled eggs in the morning, followed by hotpot lunch at 3pm (by the time we finished preparing everything.... No more greens in the fridge and the only option is to call SOS to Tesco and the greens were delivered within 40 m

Birthday And New Year Cake 2021

MISSING YOU TOO... AA misses us as much as we miss him.  So many thousands of miles away and even though we wanted to fly over, it is still not possible at this time.  Like many others, our love ones are separated from each other for more than a year now.  I am "yearning" to fly again and I cannot.... I have to be patient...  Though he is not here in Ipoh, we still contact one another through phone and see each other almost every day.  We received Christmas gifts and yesterday, we received an enormous cake from him!  He knows his brother likes chocolate and tiramisu and somehow, he managed to get this cake sent even though he is so far away from us.  LOL...  The cake was delivered at 3pm as per request....  Very rich cake and heavy too... Tasted so good...  Coffee sponge cake  and Tiramisu in the middle...  Thank you AA for your thoughtfulness!! Stay safe and hope to see you soon!!