Monday, April 26, 2021

Homecooked Food At A House Warming Dinner

CONDO-WARMING DINNER.... a couple invited a few of us to go to their condo for dinner.  Homecooked food is anytime better than eating outside and my friend who is a good cook, she whooped up these dishes below without any help.  Her own kids and grandkids plus a few of us, totaling 11 persons.  

The below dishes were for 7 of us.... 
My friend prepared these dishes for the whole family and us...
Mushroom ginger with chicken...
Fried minced meat with fish paste...
Fried eggs with long beans...
Cauliflower with fish balls...
Homegrown sweet potato leaves... very nicely done!
Black vinegar trotter....
Highlight of the dinner!


  1. It all looks really tasty. What a treat!

  2. Food sure looks good! I love especially the sweet potato leaves with the sambal hay bee, looks so very nice! I hope you all observed the SOP, wore masks, practised physical distancing...even with people you know so well. Have to be really careful!

  3. The spicy homegrown sweet potato leaves look good. Must eat with rice. :D

  4. Oh my word, totally making my mouth water. It looks delicious.

  5. Food all look good! Your friend is so 💪to cook so many dishes.

  6. I like the highlight of the dinner. Long time did not have that. Slurp. Lovely meal.

  7. It was a delicious condo warming dinner. Thanks for the ice cream.


Thank you, readers!

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