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Online Food Delivery And Homecooking During EMCO

ON HARDWORKING DAYS..... I had these for my meals.  Recently a friend recommended a lady who cooks and delivers right to my house with no extra charge.  One meal cost from RM6 onwards depending on the menu for the day. My neighbour and I have been ordering for the past three days already.  I forgot to take picture on the first day of delivery, yesterday was black vinegar trotter with rice for RM8 and today for lunch, I ordered Lemongrass chicken chop with potato salad plus ricec for RM10.  At this moment of writing, the food has not arrived as yet. Bought a loaf of bread and for the past two days, this is my breakfast... Mashed avocado with egg and toasted bread garlic spread...  Added in some kewpie sauce too... My friend bought a packet of stinky beans for me...  And I added in some prawns bought from a seafood online delivery...  Dinner consists of these three dishes....  Yesterday ordered two portions of Black Vinegar Trotter....  Very generous portion... RM16 Two bowls... one for

Multi Grain Dumplings From The Leaf

DUMPLING SEASON?  My brother called up and asked me...  Oh yeah, it is coming soon, perhaps in less than a month.  My brother is a vegetarian for more than 10 years now... .he does not eat meat, fish nor eggs, he is not the religious vegetarian whereby garlic are forbidden too.  In fact he takes a lot of raw garlic, he is a self proclaimed vegetarian....  And he asked me whether I am interested in consuming vegetarian dumpling few days ago.  He even sent me an image to "tempt" me... LOL... and yes, I am smitten.  One box consists of 8 dumplings and cost RM69.  I wanna try.... it consists of millets, black eye peas... black rice.. etc etc...No glutinous rice, that is fine with me.  Nowadays I cannot take in too much glutinous rice, I will get indigestion whole day. Oh, I ended up not getting one box but three, yes, I became Santa Claus for a day... LOL...  And he made the orders and collected them from an organic shop here in Ipoh. This is the image I received.... Looks good,

My Daily Job

NOTHING MUCH...  Just another day confined at home, reading all the "sad" messages forwarding in.   Someone asked, "What do you do nowadays?" Answer was, "I am in the import and export line.... each day I receive messages and forward them out after that."  That is not my created joke, I read it some time ago and I was thinking, "hey, that is me, alright!"  Indeed that is how I spend my time each day, reading frustrating, sad, horrific, hilarious messages besides eating, daily chores, cooking and watching Netflix.  This is called MY working at home and not working from home... LOL...  And now back to my dinner... these are my cooking done on one of the EMCO days...   Hidden beneath the tomatoes....  Black Pomfret.... And I opened a small can of these... With only two mushrooms and two mini-sized abalones.. And chicken herbal soup....  One of those hardworking days!

My Silly Shopping Review

SILLY ME... and embarrassing as well... Now when I think of it, I also wanted to laugh at myself....  With the alarming cases of Covid that spikes up to nearly 7500 cases, I took my friend's advice and bought seven face shields online.  Masking the whole face, more or less.... and the 7 shields came with seven plastic eye frames as well.  It cost around RM1.70 each with free shipping.  They arrived yesterday and upon opening the parcels, there were 7 sheets of plastic and 7 plastic eye frames separately.  To my astonishment, the plastic shields were so blurry that I could anytime fall if I were to wear them!  Here ... look at this.... See the difference of of the shield and without? And I was kind of giddy putting them over my eyes! So I quickly clicked refund....   Hey, what is this.. refund money please... Of course, I didn't write like that in the review... I just attached two images and told them to improve on the quality... And almost immediately, the seller messaged back.

Drink More To Keep Hydrated

 I AM A HEAVY DRINKER...  Guess I got your attention, didn't I?  LOL... Heavy drinker for me means I drink a lot of water daily.  Generally we are advised to drink at least 1.5 liters of water per day, it is approximately like 5-6 glasses.  However I definitely drink more than that, in the morning itself, 2 glasses of water upon waking up and at least after that, another 2 liters.  But of course, drinking too much water has its cons as well.  Not surprising to hear flushing of toilet bowl every one hour or so!  Aiksss.... Since I drink a lot of water, I have one bottle which can fill in 1.5 liter and I take that along with me wherever I go.  I mean up and down the stairs, LOL... now with the EMCO, the house is the only place I do my walking steps.  I drink a lot cos I feel my body dehydrated very fast.  Perhaps I should get a bigger water bottle, something like in this image here.  It is called Keepto, a 1/2 gallon water bottle ,  leakproof BPA free water bottle with motivational t

Paratha And Tosai On One EMCO Evening

GREEN MEALS...  I have not been to the market for quite awhile now, ordered my greens through online and delivered right to my doorstep by paying an extra RM5. One of my cousin has all these online "connections"... all I have to do is to tell her what I want and she will supply the details.  LOL... Good Girl!  For RM20, I can choose 7 types of vegetables from the supplier's list and they do delivery every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturdays.  Besides the vegetables, I also ordered 4 cobs of white corn costing RM15.  Grade A corns, they were so sweet and crunchy after steaming for 10 minutes.  I must buy those again....  Mashed up an avocado to go with the salad... Dhall for dinner....  Add in some mung beans... Eggplant, homegrown okra, potatoes, green pepper, breast meat.. Ate with Paratha... Flaky and nice....  and of course, Tosai is healthier...  My simple dinner during one EMCO evenings....

Top 3 West Kiss HD Lace Wigs

As summer gets closer, the weather is getting hotter. Your hair wig is also time to be updated. Changing a more breathable and comfortable hair wig for summer is necessary.  What kind of hair wigs are suitable for summer? There are a lot of choices, including headband wigs, short bob wigs, HD lace wigs, etc. I especially recommend HD lace wigs today. HD lace wigs are kinds of lace wigs, and they have high definition laces that are more transparent, lighter, thinner than regular Swiss laces. People will feel more breathable and comfortable on hot summer days. Wearing an HD lace wig also can offer you a complete hairline and a more real and natural wig look. HD lace wigs are special lace wigs that can melt into all skin colors perfectly with seamless blending capabilities. One HD lace wig can satisfy both these requirements: beauty and comfort. Then I will introduce the top three HD lace wigs in West Kiss Hair, please kindly read on.  1. Body Wave HD 13x6 Lace Front Wigs   The first wig

Cravings For Scones On EMCO Sunday

SCONEY SUNDAY... started off quite unexpectedly....  My neighbour was given a small tub of guacamole and he did not know what to do with it.  He called me to ask and I told him to eat it with toasted bread, easiest way!  Since he was going to give me half, scones came to my mind and before my laziness seep in, I quickly took out the ingredients needed for Scones! With Anna Olson on my iPad youtube, I managed to get the scones ready for baking in less than an hour.  LOL.... This time I added in chopped dried apricot and orange zest instead of lemon.  Between the two, lemon zest has a stronger taste compared to the orange....  2 cups of flour = 10 scones this time round...  Half way through baking.... The baking fragrance filled the kitchen.... In about half hour, the scones are ready...  Let them cool down.... Crusty on the outside... Softer on the inside... Nice and warm... ready to be eaten..... Ready..... Yummy in my tummy again.... *Gave two to my neighbour* And I ate three on a Sco


 OH NO.... EMCO IN IPOH STARTING FROM TOMORROW!!   This is the most drastic movement order, I started to think of barbed rolls of wire encircling my residence and being "imprisoned" ... my imagination ran wild the moment it was announced that IPOH among few other states are going to be put under Enhanced Movement Control Order.   When we heard the news last night, phone calls and whatsapp messages coming in continuously... Questions like we going to be distributed food by the government?  My friend even joked about the distribution of two chickens to each house, etc etc.... Should we go out to store up our pantry?  Do we have enough food in the house if we do not go? And the list of questions went on and on....  I guess we should not be too "worked-up" or paranoid about food, more importantly, we should be concerned about the safety and abiding to the standard of procedures.  We can still go for online delivery where food, groceries and essentials are concerned... N

Stay-At-Home Food During MCO

WHEN I AM IN THE HOMECOOKING MODE, I had these for my meals.  As an obedient and abiding citizen, I Stay Home, Stay Home and Stay Safe.... as much as I possibly can...   Ahemmmm.... Half a year is almost gone and I wonder when is my turn to be vaccinated.  Government, please hasten up and do something to control the pandemic!  Very worrying when the number of Covid cases keep spiking up each day and the more we read, the more worrisome we become... these are the consequences of reading too much forwarded messages in my chat groups.  Must turn on more Netflix shows or perhaps start trying out new recipes for mind distraction...   Back to stay-at-home food, here are some meals which I took recently...  Morning breakfast with avocado...  Steamed jagung/corn for lunch.....  Jin noodles with pork chop as condiments for dinner....  On one evening, I cooked this too...  Fried mihun with eggs, mushrooms and taufoo fish cubes...  More food ideas are welcomed!  LOL... 

Why Gardening Should Be Part of Your Self-Care Routine

When it comes to self-care, gardening might not be the first thing you think of, unless you’re already an avid gardener, in which case you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. But, it is fair to say that gardening can be one of the best ways to boost your wellness that there is.  Think about it, gardening takes you outdoors and enables you to spend some peaceful time amongst beautiful, fragrant plants and flowers. It will also give you at least a light workout if you are doing it right, and we all know how good exercise is for our body and mind health right?  Gardening can also give you a great sense of accomplishment. When you’ve planted something from seed and nurtured it to fruition, and maybe even incorporated it into a healthy meal for the whole family to enjoy, there is no feeling quite like it. It’s a real self-esteem booster, and lord knows we all need a boost to our self-esteem from time to time don’t we? That’s why you should think about adding gardening to your self-care