Sunday, May 30, 2021

Multi Grain Dumplings From The Leaf

DUMPLING SEASON?  My brother called up and asked me... 

Oh yeah, it is coming soon, perhaps in less than a month.  My brother is a vegetarian for more than 10 years now... .he does not eat meat, fish nor eggs, he is not the religious vegetarian whereby garlic are forbidden too.  In fact he takes a lot of raw garlic, he is a self proclaimed vegetarian.... 

And he asked me whether I am interested in consuming vegetarian dumpling few days ago.  He even sent me an image to "tempt" me... LOL... and yes, I am smitten.  One box consists of 8 dumplings and cost RM69.  I wanna try.... it consists of millets, black eye peas... black rice.. etc etc...No glutinous rice, that is fine with me.  Nowadays I cannot take in too much glutinous rice, I will get indigestion whole day.

Oh, I ended up not getting one box but three, yes, I became Santa Claus for a day... LOL...  And he made the orders and collected them from an organic shop here in Ipoh.

This is the image I received....
Looks good, eh.... 
I googled it and they are produced in Penang...
I steamed one... 
Oversteamed and it was quite soft.... 
More on beans which I like....
The orange colour is carrots to replace "salted eggs"
There are 3 pieces of mushrooms and two chestnuts...
Yes, I like it...
Something different and definitely can digest easier!


  1. This is the first time I have heard you have a brother living nearby. What a cool and yummy gift!

  2. I think I will like these vegetarian dumplings. I wonder can I buy them online to be delivered to kl. They look really good.

  3. Is your brother a vegan? Does he drink milk? Does he eat butter?

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  5. Never tasted vegetarian dumplings. I just had bak chang yesterday. 2 types, Nyonya and Hakka changs.

  6. Interesting! I won't mind trying this vegetarian dumpling although it feels straange to have chung not made with glutinous rice.

  7. No glutinous rice? This is perfect for me, not so starchy. Hey! You have a brother? How come I never heard you mention him before? Where's that fat nephew of yours, now not fat anymore? Must be all grown up now!

  8. I think I will like it because having carrot, chestnuts and mushrooms as the ingredients sounds tasty enough for me. I have been a semi-vegetarian for more than 5 years.

  9. This one looks different from the one I bought in Ipoh which also used millet. I like the chestnut in dumplings. I kena tipu by the carrot, thought it was salted egg yolk. Lol!

  10. The multi grain dumplings looked very delicious and power packed with ingredients. Nicer than the real ones with meat. Clever seller and brother of yours.

    Someday I might be a fulltime vegan too when I get older. There is a calling.


Thank you, readers!

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