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Memorizing Your Dead Loved Ones – 6 Practical and Honorable Solutions

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Death is unavoidable, and it is advisable to come to terms with mortality – and seek closure when a loved one dies. However, it is always painful and disorienting when someone you love dies. The most that you can do for them is honoring their memory. 

Memorizing your loved ones honors the feelings you shared. It also helps you accept the loss as you try to seek closure and move on. 

There are lots of creative ways to honor your deceased loved ones. Here is an overview of six practical and respectful options: 

Order Custom-Made Cremation Jewelry 

Cremation is as old as time, and fire is said to cleanse the body and soul for the afterlife. One of the benefits of cremation is that you can keep a piece of your loved one in the form of their ashes. Consequently, you will need cremation urns or jewelry to house your loved one’s ashes. 

Cremation urns are big enough to house all of your loved one’s ashes, and you can keep it at home or at the office as a reminder. Cremation jewelry is smaller, but you can carry small amounts of your loved one’s ashes everywhere. Cremation jewelry also comes in a wide range of shapes and sizes, ranging from rings to necklaces, 

Create a Photo Collage 

A picture speaks a thousand ones, and a photo collage of your loved ones will speak volumes about their life and your relationship. You can think of it as a pictorial window into the person’s life. Feel free to include as many pictures as you want, including the happy and sad moments that you shared together. 

You can also go a step further by creating a video collage. It can be a short video about your relationship and time together or a series of videos of your most notable experiences. 

Donate Towards Their Causes 

Did your friend have a big, generous heart? Was there something that they were particularly concerned about, such as the environment or victims of human trafficking? 

Generous and charitable people are honorable. Unfortunately, even the most charitable people cannot solve the world’s problems. However, you can help your dead loved one to advance their causes even beyond the grave by contributing to the charities that they supported – or starting one in their name. Their death should also serve as an inspiration to help make the world better while you still can. 

Talk about Them 

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Sometimes talking about your loved one seems all you can do after their death. It feels painful at first, but it gets to a point whereby you cannot stop talking about them. Talking about your loved one helps – it feels like a piece of the grief has been taken off your shoulders. It also helps to keep the person’s memory alive. 

However, talking too much about your deceased loved one may be a slippery slope. Remember, it is important to get closure, so keep your talks moderate and limit your conversations to mutual friends and loved ones. 

Try Something They Liked 

What was your dead loved one’s favorite food? Did they have hobbies, a specific genre of music that they liked, or any other special interest? 

A person’s special interests say a lot about their character, and you can experience it first-hand by adopting your loved one’s favorite things and activities. For example, try cooking and enjoying their favorite meals. You can also try listening to their favorite music or watching their favorite films. Don’t fight the feeling – let go of your reservations and try to see the logic behind why they loved that particular dish or song. 

Create a Living Reminder 

Nothing in the world can replace your dead loved one. However, a living reminder of them would be thoughtful and comforting. 

Planting a tree is a popular option for a living reminder. Trees grow about as fast as people do, and they live longer. Trees also make a positive impact on the world, eliminating tons of carbon to ensure that the future is greener and more habitable. Trees also come in varying types, and you can choose one that best fits your loved one’s character. 

Some people also choose to name their kids and pets after their dead loved ones. This is a big choice to make, but it is one of the most honorable ways of memorizing a loved one. 

Final Thoughts 

Death is never desirable, but it is unavoidable. It is advisable not to think about dying, but it is also important to remember and honor your dead loved ones. These six options check all the boxes: they are easy, practical, and honorable. 

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