Tuesday, March 22, 2022

My Encounter With Covid-19

MISSING IN ACTION AGAIN... and now this is my first post since a month ago....

IN this post I will blog about my Covid-19 experience, not something nice to brag about in a post, but since it is such a common thingy nowadays, it is not surprising anymore.  

I was stricken with a flu bug in early January, the first one in the family to get it was was my son.  His initial symptoms was diarrhea and since he was the only one in the family to get it, we thought it was a stomach flu, food that he has eaten.  The next day he was having dry itchy throat and slight fever.  Then only he realized it might be Covid.  During that time, we did not have test kits in the house and he went to drive through center for checkup.  Within 24 hours, the results came back positive.  By the time we knew, it was already too late.  No quarantine was implemented before this and in a day or two, he got well... but I already was infected....

I did not have diarrhea but dry throat and bad cough.  I kept coughing and coughing... my throat was very itchy especially during the night, I had to sit 45 degrees to get my sleep.  Other than coughing, it was just a normal day, my appetite was good and all I did was drink lots of warm water and honey lemon each morning, Vitamin C, garlic pills and Echinacea.... and let my body system did the rest.

Within two weeks, we recovered .... during the two weeks, my daughter-in-law and the baby were also infected.  Baby was having the least symptoms, just a slight cough for a day or two... mother was like me, coughing and there was nowhere to avoid it.  

That time in January California was having the peak of Omicron.... and now it is in Malaysia....

On the positive side, we did not have to do house quarantine when we came back to Malaysia.... and once I reached home, I went for my booster dose!  
The med which cured me too...


  1. I think you are so blessed that it was not a lot worse, and that you and your family escaped any severe symptoms. You all must have very good immune systems! Had you gotten any vaccinations?

  2. So glad you are all right now. You are back here in Malaysia? Of course, no place like home. Take care, God bless.

  3. Oh dear! Thankfully you and your family are all recovered now. So scary!

  4. Thanks for sharing your experience. PTL all of you have recovered now. Please take good care. 🙏

  5. Good to hear from you. I was wondering at the long silence on your blog. Thank God for the speedy recovery for you and your family. I was also tested positive on 12/3 and quickly self isolated for a week and thank God all is good now. Take care.

  6. Common to get the virus nowaday. Self testing kit and self quarantine. Guess it is part of life for dont-know-how-long.

    Thanks for sharing your experience. Take care and stay healthy.

  7. Hope all is well with you now. Take care and blessed Sunday

  8. Thank God that everyone is alright now. It is a common thing now, not like before the initial stage of pandemic when it was so serious and scary. So now, your body has its own immunity.


Thank you, readers!

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