Monday, May 9, 2022

First time I Was Taxed...

THERE WERE ONLY A FEW OF US when our bags were scanned at the customs check point before exiting the airport.  I think I have the most luggage, I mean two big giant ones compared to the others who were only having one.  Obviously I was the "outstanding" passenger with two big luggage and after scanning through, I was asked to open the two bags for checking.  Now the scanning machine is very high tech, the custom officer told me that she saw  a Michael Kors handbag inside my suitcase!  Oh no, I told her that it was an old handbag which is really true, I bought it a few years ago and left it in US. Anyway, they were quite friendly, I mean the custom officers, they were just doing their job.  What I am fascinated is that even the brand could be seen through the scanning machine.  That is really high tech!

Alright, to cut the story short, I paid a tax of RM150 and was told that I can only purchase RM1000 only for one trip.  Anything above that, I would be taxed 10%.... another thing I only get to know through the Penang International Airport.  Alright, next time I will be more careful.... I mean I will keep the receipts and show proof of the purchase amount.

Before leaving for Ipoh, I satisfied my hunger *by the time I came out from the airport, it was almost 1pm* by having these two favourites.... 
Koay Teow Th'ng
Hokkien Prawn Noodles...


  1. I remember on the tax when I was in Europe. Shopping for those Longchamp bags and other boutique clothings, need to keep the receipts etc for claim at airport.

    Really high tech the scanner, till the brand also can spot. Haha. I also have 1 Michael Kors bag. Hehe..

    Nice to be back to Malaysia. Guess you must miss some of the local food.

  2. This purse scanning story is amazing!!!

  3. Ya better keep receipts as evidence next time. Pg food looks good.

  4. Wahhhhh!!!! So high class, you! Designer handbag like Kak Ros! LOL!!! Cannot tell them you bought at pasar malam one? Thank goodness only RM150, not much, less than USD50.00!

    1. You had TWO of your favourites at one go? Wowww!!!! Must be craving for our local food after all this time in the US, eh? East, west...home is best!!!

  5. You definitely miss our local food. Thinking of what to eat even before exiting the airport. Lol!

  6. These days cannot play play LOL! They can see so detail I would be self conscious to pack certain things hah..hah..hah... Wah! The Hokkien Mee looks so good!


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