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Our Foodie Outing To Gopeng And Batu Gajah

BACK WITH MY FOODIE FRIENDS after disappearing from Ipoh for so many days!  LOL... Wasting no time, we went out for a few meals to catch up with one another... started in the morning to Gopeng town for their signature noodles called "Lai Fun" with varieties of fish paste, fried or steamed.  No pictures were taken, I wonder why now, perhaps too hungry then or busy chatting with one another.  After our breakfast, we went to search for the durian fella... he has shifted from the Big Tree (where he put his durians for sale last time) to another street in town.  He told us that the Tree was "cruelly decapitated" (I must have been watching too many gory movies to use that word) for no reason.... Back to my post, from the durian feast, we adjourned to Batu Gajah, wanting to see the new premium outlet but it was not ready as yet.  From there, we passed by Batu Gajah town and went down to take some murals, I guess my friend Nancy will show more of the murals in her post some

Lunch At Swee Garden, Nibong Tebal

AFTER A COUPLE OF DAYS REST, we went back to Ipoh.  On the way back, we stopped for lunch at Nibong Tebal.  Using Waze and a couple of wrong turns, we managed to get to Swee Garden restaurant.  By then it was lunch time and the place was full with patrons. We sat down with one lady and a young man, they were almost going to finish their meal.  In the midst of waiting, I struck up a conversation with the lady, starting with where they were from.... and to my amazement, the lady was so friendly or should I say, chatty.... she told us a lot about herself and the son who was sitting beside her.  The son was quiet but the mother was so dynamite speaking... LOL... I really never met such a lady before and it was like talking to old friends after just like fifteen minutes or so.  During that short time, I have know a lot about her.... not vice versa... anyway, all I can say is that she is the type of lady who makes you feel at home....  We opted for wanton noodles instead of rice.... Sweet po

Growing Up Baby Products And Toys

Feeling excited to start a family for the first time? Indeed this will be a special moment for the family, especially for the mother. There will be lots of decisions to make and the right purchases to get ever since the pregnancy is at hand. But fret not, with so many online advice and items easily accessible these days, it is not something to worry about anymore. Listed below are a few important items among others to help the parents to go through the joy of having a baby in their lives. Some of the important items you need to prepare for the coming baby is this hot BPA free manual massage silicon electric breast pump. It will be easier for the mother to have one of this at home especially when it comes to breastfeeding. This breast pump is very lightweight, small and compact enough to be kept into your handbag or diaper bag. For easy and discreet pumping anytime and anywhere. When baby is a few months old, you might need one of this BPA free silicone baby teether, it is made f

Smaller Portions Meals For Me

BACK TO MALAYSIAN FOOD.... after the short vacation in the Lion City... First, we landed in Penang and I had a bout of stomach discomfort as soon as we landed.  The pain in my stomach became more intense as we reached and I had no choice but to visit one 24 hours GP after dinner.  After medication, I was feeling much better the next day.  I guess it must be due to too much rounds of food, either that... or perhaps I did not have my regular meals during the time in Singapore.   The next day I took an early meal, warm oats, bread and went for porridge at Canton-I in Queensbay Mall.  I must be more careful with my intake, my stomach was still tender... other than that, I was fine.  Hot porridge in Canton I... Fish porridge actually.... Ordered some greens and a double boiled soup to go with the porridge....  All grins again... I must eat moderately this time round.... That means small portions and more frequent meals.... 

Shiki Hototogisu Ramen Before Flying Home

BYE BYE SINGAPORE...  My flight was in the evening around 6pm plus.   After checking out from the hotel at 1pm, we took a Grab ride to the airport.  Lingered around for a few hours and managed to grab a meal before departing.   Shiki Hototogisu Ramen is the name, for the three of us, we ordered two bowls.  Good that we just ordered two, when the food arrived, I was thinking how I could finished that big portion of noodles!   Dry version with braised pork ribs... Soup ramen with fried chicken...  Tastes so good! Silky beancurd to go with the noodles... And Ready To Fly.... Bye Dears... See you again some day soon!

The Temptress Chick At Soup Restaurant, Singapore

OUR LAST DINNER in Singapore was ravished at Soup Restaurant....  During our many outings, we passed by this restaurant and I could "feel" their signature dish calling out to me... Come In, Come In and try me out! The Temptress Chicken...  LOL... I was indeed tempted to try this! The entrance to Soup Kitchen..... And we ordered a few dishes to try out....  Almost every table were occupied.... We ordered one set from the menu.... Comes with soup.... Some abalone with beancurd... Steamed minced pork with salted egg.,... Sweet sour prawns... Spinach in egg gravy... Two bowls of shrimp rice... And of course, their signature dish.... Extra order was this Mee Sua noodles... Looking back at these pictures... We are confirmed Big Eaters.... Slowly we ate and ate... And Yes, we consumed them all....  Went back to the hotel with bigger bellies than before!  LOL....

Lady M, At Your Service

 I AM WHERE YOU ARE... when it comes to desserts... And the place was called Lady M, sounds like a royalty name for a dessert place which serves all kinds of crepes.  We ordered two pieces to try and we sat there for quite some time to relax and chill....  And I was lost for choices.... Which would you end up ordering? Ended up with these two...  The many fine layers of crepe.... And more walking after that.... And to take pictures as we walked along...   

A Good Sleep To Healthy Life

When it comes to living a better and healthier life, there are things you have to do and not do to transform your health from poor to great. There are many things you can do to ensure greater health for yourself. Living a healthier life has many advantages. You will feel better, look better, and just have an overall happy and healthier life for many years.  Here are some healthy tips to have a happy lifestyle: Exercise Getting more exercise on a daily basis is a really good thing to make your life better. Getting outside and doing physical activities will allow you to have more energy and make you feel better overall.  Get outside, take a walk, go for a jog, and even taking the dogs for a walk will help ensure you feel a lot better and live a healthier, happier life overall. Managing your diet Our diets have a huge effect on the way we live our lives. While healthy diets can help us lose weight, improve our skin and make us feel happier, forcing your diet could make you grumpy. Pushin

Korean Dinner At SBCD Singapore

LAST MEAL FOR THE DAY... finally... before we took a Grab ride back to our Ji Hotel.   This is what holiday is about, going around as tourists and eating anytime, anywhere...  We ended the day with Korean food at SBCD Tofu House.  Supposed to be famous for their beancurd but I don't remember ordering any for our dinner that night. In fact I was quite full from the day's food galore that I just took a bit of everything served on the table.   Taken at where we were seated.. A bit of this and that were served... We ordered two combo sets....  Each of us were served a fish...  Korean seafood pancake which I like very much... The pork belly too was sweet and savoury...  And our set dinner for the evening came to around $120...