Wednesday, July 13, 2022

A Hearty Breakfast At Ya Kun Kaya Toast

COCK-A-DOODLE DOO....  Another morning has arrived....
Saw this beautiful cock near one of the HDB flats....
Protectively guarding over his wives which are lurking nearby...
Enjoying Yakun Kaya Toast at Singapore Plaza
My girl recommended Set A for our breakfast....
But I eventually ended up ordering this instead...
It was such a heavy breakfast for the both of us....
Anyway, we need a hearty breakfast to energize us for the day!


  1. Yes, that's one beautiful cock!!! Do they allow rearing of poultry at residential areas in Singapore? I love all that you had except the tuna, not into canned tuna. The ladies in the house enjoy that, not me. I miss kaya. Cannot eat now, since I am on a low sugar diet! Sobssss!!!!!

  2. Handsome cock showing off its beautiful feathers. I will also choose the kaya toast,

  3. cock spotted around SG HDB flat? that's rare!

  4. It looks very good. And this rooster is beautiful!

  5. You are looking good, Claire! 👍 Very hearty breakfast! Yums!

  6. I am quite surprised that there are cockerels and hens at HDB flats. LOL! The breakfast is very hearty, sure got a lot of energy to jalan2 after that.


Thank you, readers!

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