Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Guests To Weng Kee Restaurant, Ipoh

EATING OUT WITH GUESTS.... my friends from Penang dropped by for a visit in Ipoh for two nights.  Penang and Ipoh food are quite competitive, cafes are almost similar among the two states, what is different are the restaurant dishes.  

For dinner, I took them to Weng Kee Restaurant in Ipoh Garden South.  There were eight of us so it was easier to order.... Among the dishes were... 

Butter Fish... their signature dish...
Broccoli with scallops...
Kapitan Curry Chicken
4 types of vegetable aka Sei Tai Teen Wong...
Steamed Yam
And Bean sprouts with salted fish...
Dishes came to around RM230
And the winner dish for the night is this Buttered Fish...
Crispy, fresh and tasty!


  1. the dishes all look so tasty! my fav is buttered fish too!

  2. You can never go wrong with a signature dish!

  3. All the dishes look super delicious especially the butter fish!

  4. Wowwww!!!! The Kapitan Curry Chicken looks like to die for! Yes, the fish looks good too.

  5. The buttered fish is one of a kind. I agreed, it is a winner!!

    Nice to have friends coming over and enjoy good food and company.

  6. I must go try the butter fish one of these days.


Thank you, readers!

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