Wednesday, April 19, 2023

The Good, The Bad But Not Ugly


I checked back my last post and it was 8 March last month and today is 19 April, less than two months only.  So what has been happening in my life?  Lots and lots... good news, bad news, sad news... all concerning health and I guess this is our life cycle as we live day by day.  

My health is also not that "fantastic" during the past few months, but mine is a small rock compared to giant boulder which my best buddy is undergoing... I guess some of you know what is happening to her from her blog posts.  I was totally devastated when this happened to her, my tears couldn't help falling and my heart goes out to her.  I am ashamed to say that instead of me giving the comfort that she needs, I am the one that have been receiving her strength in times like this.  She might be crushed physically but she is not broken in her spiritual mind and soul.  One word... "Unbreakable!"  She is a shining example..... "What can death do to me when Jesus is living in me?"  This is what I see in her now... Living for Christ.

And now back to where I left off, this post will be about another good friend of mine, actually my childhood friend cum classmate, she flew to San Francisco for a month holiday with me.  My son picked her from the SF airport and together with me, three of us went to my sister's place in Sacramento which is two hours drive away.  

My sister and family joined us for lunch at Lollibowl, a Hongkong restaurant which is one of our favorite spots whenever we go to Sacramento.  Since it was a day trip for my son, we allowed him to choose what he wanted to eat.  And needless to say, for desserts, his best choice is Leatherby's.... after the great lunch and dessert-licious ice cream, he drove back to San Jose, with some food of course, for the family's dinner!

We had these for lunch....
Big enormous portions!
This is my favorite... Char Koay Teow...
And the humans indulging into these food....
Desserts in Leatherby's before my son drove home....
And so... our  fun holiday began... 
with me and my friend!


  1. Nancy is such a brave and selfless person!! And Claire, I want to know about you, what are you struggling with? Please let us know.

  2. Great to have friends visiting from afar. Yea, life is so vulnerable. Take care!

  3. Yes, so sad about Nancy. I only got to know her through her blog quite recently. She is trying to be strong, I can see that. All we can do is to pray for her, may the good Lord bless her and see her through.
    I am not doing too well myself either and I have settled everything just in case I have to go suddenly. We do not know what tomorrow holds - leave it all in His hands.

  4. Nice to hear from you Claire! Nancy has strong faith and will have eternal life. 🙏

  5. Yes, prayers go to Nancy. She is one strong woman.

    Good to heard from you after long absence. Take care over there.

  6. Yes, I was very sad but Nancy is of strong faith and she has strong faith in The Lord. I admire her bravery and conviction. Let us all pray for her! I hope that your health issue in under control. We all go through this and have to accept whatever will be will be. Take care!

  7. The food portion is really big! Ha ha...I am eyeing the cream!

  8. Hi Claire, glad to find you all still blogging after all these years. Enjoy your travels and stay safe, OK?

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