Tuesday, June 27, 2023

Lucille's At Red Rock

AFTER A DAY OF REST, we were supposed to go to Red Rocks for some hiking.  Unfortunately we did not manage to go into the National Park, we had to turn back cos we did not register online for permit.  Due to the covid pandemic crisis, the authorities were still monitoring the number of tourists for the day.  

As for me I was not disappointed since I have been there few times before, but too bad for my friend... anyway, we made it up for her by having a good lunch at the Red Rock casino instead... LOL...

Took some pictures at another area though.... 
Ended up at Red Rock hotel and casino for our lunch... 
Come, lets go in....Lucille's
While waiting for our food...
Let's dig in....
And after our lunch, we did our "hiking" here in the casino.... 


  1. This looks like a lot more fun than the hiking! Claire, you look even younger than ever

  2. I always love that casinos in US. So relaxed and generous with drinks & ample snacks. You looked so happy like striked jackpot!!

  3. So nice that you are traveling a lot now. Enjoy!

  4. You picked a fine time to leave me, Lucille... Makes me think of Kenny Rogers. Ooooo...I love what you all had. Ribs?

  5. Wah! I see a whole rack of ribs, my favorite!

  6. This type of hiking suits me. Not under warm sun. Lol.


Thank you, readers!

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