Thursday, July 6, 2023

Zion National Park, Here We Come

THE NEXT MORNING, we checked out from Tahiti Resort and made our way to the mountains.... our loyal and patient "driver" drove all the way taking us three ladies to Zion National Park.  Stopped half way to fill our tummies, I could not remember the name of this hotel cum casino.  Normally the breakfast in these places with casinos come in very cheap, much cheaper than those without casinos.  No need to wonder why....  LOL.... 
Our heavy breakfast....can last us ladies for many hours.... 
Parked the car at the entrance and the rest of the excursion was on a shuttle bus which took us from one area to another, so we kind of just hopped in and hopped out.  Though the weather was sunny, it was kind of super cold.  There were certain areas whereby hiking was allowed, and there were some parts which have to be guided by an experienced tour guide.  Heard of some falling off the cliff if not careful.... I am not the adventurous type, unlike my friend who is ON for every climb with risks.  If we could have time, I think she would end up following all the chilling climbs she could get.... unfortunately with me, she only ended up following us the non-risks hikes!  LOL.... 


  1. I am also not a risk taker. Though I love long walks, don't expect me to climb here and climb there. LOL! The scenery is indeed beautiful and it is definitely nice to do activities when the temperature is cooling. Wah, the breakfast look so scrumptious! I will break the rules and eat the pancake hah..hah..hah..

  2. Name reminds me of the Rivers of Babylon...

  3. Most hotel/casinos make so much that they could provide free meals and hotel stay for gamblers. They often issue free flights to lure gamblers from NYC to Las Vegas instead of Atlantic City nearby. Most gamers would lose money gambling.

    The scenery is nice with sunny weather and cold temperature. I love that.

  4. The breakfast looks so good, and is literally making my mouth water! And you got awesome photos of the mountains!

  5. Delicious food 😋 and nice scenery.


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