Thursday, December 21, 2023

A Night To Remember in 2023


Yes, almost a month already since my birth-day, I have these pictures taken before I got Covid.  At least I had a pre-celebration with my love ones then.  On the real day, I stayed in bed all by myself, quarantined and being a good girl for five whole days before I really went out again.  I tested myself almost everyday, from two clear lines to faint and then totally one line disappeared.

Anyway, Thank God, I am fine now, even though I could feel some after effects like breathing wholely as before, other than that, it is all good.  If those who have covid before, they will know what I meant when it comes to breathing.  This time I did not cough as serious as the first time, I feel eating cordyceps and tiger milk helps as I have been taking them for some months now.

Back to my post, my son and family flew to Penang a few days before my Big Day and we had dinner at Chinese Recreation Club.  Dinner was good and of course, the company with my love ones are even better.  Thanks to all of them who made this day memorable.... 

A night to remember for 2023!


  1. I went to the recreation club for lunch once, my friend took me there. Nice food. Eeee...Andy's girl is so cute!

  2. Happy belated birthday to you. Nice to celebrate with love ones.

  3. What a delicious celebration! Your cucu is so cute!


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