Monday, February 4, 2008

chinese new year mania... new year is just a few days away la..have i got everything that is needed?? by the way, i m not cooking, am i? pity my sister in law though, each year she has to sweat, really sweat to cook for 3 families including hers and we two the "sum poes" just goyang kaki at home.. eh...sound likes we r cinderella's stepsisters instead..haha..nola, each year, she is used to doing it alone with her parents..we only will step in her way if we help, but washing up is no joke...we the stepsisters hv to do that after the hefty meals..yum yum.. worth doing the piles of plates/bowls..
Oh, today my bossie is not in leh..yeh!!!! and that reminds me, last nite my 3rd precious told me if possible, get her an off-shoulder red blouse..huh? say again?? off shoulder pulak? wow..she is only 14 and she wants to show off her shoulders already..sigh..anyway, i might not be following her wants, just wait and see first, i will go survey and get her something RED and more suitable blouse..where did she get that fashion in her head..hmmmm..
So, today will be a clothing day, maybe i will 'sneak' out early to get the 'wants' for the precious, after all, once a year, let them be happy and merry and RED...remember must buy RED... its cute to see all yr precious wearing RED on the first day..just keep the trend going..huh.. oh, heard the rats undies are for sale and a must-wear thing this year..but no la, not for me, i dont believe the rats are going to give us a good time if we wear...what i believe is, each day is a very blessed day for us, we r still healthy and we r still activating our minds writing silly blogs each blessed we r, as it is written, in our circumstances, whether it be good or bad, we should still be thankful for what we have, what we are....I always remember this verse...
Romans 8-28...In all ways, God works for good for those who love Him, and who are called according to His purpose... so...just keep on loving Him, having faith in Him, walk His ways...and what lies ahead, we just have to trust Him...

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