Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Badminton Fever Is Back Again

All England Badminton is on now... starting from 4 March till 9 March 2008. These are the players worth looking out for...hehe...cos they are Malaysians...

(Wong Mew Choo-Ipoh Lass-no. 1 Malaysia women single)

(Lee Chong Wei-no. 1 Malaysia Men Single)

And this is my favourite men doubles....(Koo Kien Keat/Tan Boon Heong)

Tan Boon Heong doing his famous smashes...go go....all the way...

Koo Kien Keat with his fancy drops and really drop on the court....

Looking forward to seeing them in action again this coming Friday, 7th March in the quarter finals if they qualify.....I hope they really will.....MALAYSIA BOLEH!!!


  1. every games must have win n lose, the winners must always on the strength, loses must on the weak.
    I hope that our Malaysia player will showing their power in the ALL-ENGLAND badminton tournament.Kean-Keat n Boon-Heong add oil show ur 'Hakka' powercoz i knew botj of them r 'Hakka' gang, me oso la he...he...he....Malaysia boleh! Hakka lang boleh!

  2. both also hakka? wah.. my kids are also hakka..but me teochiew nang. If they get kicked out tonite, then sayonara lo...but i really miss watching their games.. now they r 3rd seeded already instead of world no. 1.

  3. Wong Mew Choo beaten all the chinese ladies in China we have a chance in ladies singles here but........well, I think she's good for quarter-finals only. Koo-Tan was superb in early 2007 but melted after that. Hope they can reproduced back the old form. They are our only chance to win. Chong Wei is a good bet but i think he's good to advance to semis only. Choong-Tan (ipohreans!!) can surprised but don't see them winning, likely a semis spot if they are lucky. And, forget about Hafiz...dudes.

  4. yes, dont bet so much on the veterans.. they always lose out in the end one.. best bet is lee chong wei but now hv to fear taufik in the quarter finals... the kkk/tbh also unpredictable now...tbh cannot take pressure...too stressed up, he will break...


Thank you, readers!

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