Friday, March 7, 2008


Today is 7.30pm...cell group nite....Its raining dogs and cats over here now, will there be anyone coming for cell meeting? Now, now.....why would I need to worry about that...doesnt the Lord says...Do not worry, do not fret about what will happen...leave it in hands of the Lord, He always know what to do.... And lo and behold, suddenly all the dogs and cats disappear, the rain has just stopped, isnt that wonderful??

Well, what songs shall I play for tonite? Again another question and before I need to crack further, I looked under my table, the song sheets are all there... and lo and behold again, the first song I caught hold of is "Power of Your Love"... second song, none other than the one I wrote in my blog recently "Lord You are always here with me" and the last song will be "I lift my hands"...... hmmm..

Quickly, I took hold of the song sheets and started to practise on my guitar.... I m very happy... the songs are just perfect, can even feel the Holy Spirit indwelling as I went through the songs.. Praise the Lord..... I hope my group members can feel the same too later... and let Your Holy Spirit mingle in our midst as we sing our praises unto You, Lord Jesus......


  1., aunty can play guitar, i got long way to go before i can just practise once before going

  2. wah u can play the guiar? Teach me can?

  3. haha... play play only Gab...not really good one.. as for sapphire blu, u belanja me makan, i teach u one chord per meal... haha..

  4. no comment on u for playing guitar but make sure u play FOLK song

  5. yea, its so cool you can go on so proud my mum can play guitar..haha..i cant play..not the skills that matter much but the heart :)

  6. thanks B, today yr mum is very exhausted after working in the polling station whole day,so wont be able to blog tonite.. age is catching me up...need to hv a good rest watching badminton semi.. hehe...


Thank you, readers!

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