Tuesday, September 2, 2008


This Post was written in March. I edited and pasted it here for a Spark created by DragonBlogger. Thanks to him, now we can share our views on our favourite authors...

Reading fiction books is one of my passion thus I am very particular about authors ... one of them I love to read and want to recommend is Sidney Sheldon...He is my best author so far, unfortunately, he has passed away last year, he was 89...his books displayed here were written by him. Believe it or not, some of his books here, I have read them few times over and over again.

For all those avid readers out there, here are some of the books written by Sidney Sheldon, you won't regret reading them . Once u start, the book seems to get 'stuck' onto your hands ... (read to believe!!!)


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  2. Yes, heard about him but never read his novella so far. I prefer to read self-improvement books especially those written by the late Pastor Norman Vincent Peale and Dale Carnegie. My favorites are mostly movie paperbacks like Star Wars. Reading novels can be fun and addictive. You just want to continue until you finish the book and that's what you define a good writer. My last novel was Darth Vader: Dark Lord Rising. (Sequel to Star Wars Episode III).

  3. haha..none of yr books attract me leh..i still prefer romance, thriller books.. at this moment, i m reading a local author..khoo kheng hor..mamasan...simple but nice...

  4. Hi Reanaclaire, I read your previous posting, and Holy Smoke! 8 of you one room? That sure was tough, I guess. Yes, I can imagine what you experienced young days.
    I admire your dad, mom....they working hard to bring you all up. Chalk writing on the wall, ha ha, very innovative that.

    I remember walking to school about a mile away when 8 years old, wearing canvass shoes till my feet could feel the road, and my mom sewing my shirts when torn, pants too.
    We only drank pop drinks, i.e. F&N orange crush when it was Chinese new year...or I managed to save my 10 cts pocket money to buy one next day.

    But Reanaclaire, I guess out of all that, your experiences, mine and others who have experienced tough times...our lives get motivated to do well in our studies and get a good future.

    I remember, the big motivation for me was seeing a young man carrying a briefcase walking to a plane. I had never been on a plane...I was 16 then.

    I told myself, someday I want to be like him, travel on a plane on business.

    Glad to read you enjoy books, and he is a good author too. Very popular.
    By the way, if you have not, try get hold of books by Dr Han Su Yin. She worked in Ipoh, Batu Gajah old days then moved to HK.
    Her most famous book was, "Love is a many splendoured thing", (you know the song, I have it in my blog player) later made into a highly aclaimed movie, starring William Holden and Jennifer Jones. She has quite a few others too.

    One of my favorite books is "A Town like Alice", by Nevil Shute. A love story during the 2WW in Malaya.

    Oh ya, if you see a book, 'Maraiee', author Ipoh man, named Chin Kee Onn...get it. Its about Ipoh, Perak during the 2nd WW.
    I have read this book several times all the years. Some romance too. You will learn about Perak, Malaya, up to Chin Peng's Communist uprising.

    Reanaclaire, I hope our paths will cross one day when we balek kampong one of these days, as I have several in-laws there...and we always stay at one of their homes at least a week.

    I would love to have the pleasure of buying you fish head curry dinner and we shoot the breeze about old days. You my kind of friend.
    Keep well Reanaclaire...and have a nice day, Lee.

  5. hi. thanks for visiting my blog. nice post on sheldon. i read only two of his books - if tom comes and the naked face...i wanted to read more but no time LOL. i like the way he hides motives, etc... regards.

  6. do you have all that books?its a good book

  7. Thanks for re-posting your blog about your favorite author. I have never read anything by Mr. Sheldon, but I have heard of him.

  8. woowwww.....i just make friend with a Book Worm~~

    Keep reading!!

  9. haha...book worm? not me, i only read those i like .. not all books.. the 2nd hand shop i frequent, has closed down.. now i hv to look for another shop that sells or rents out books at an affordable price.. hope to get one soon..


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