Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Great Pretenders Of Yester Years...

GOING BACK TO MY CHILDHOOD DAYS, (not second childhood, mind)... I remember one game I used to go over to my neighbour's house to play with the girls who were also around my age, there were around 6 or 7 of us ranging from around 4-10 years old. I was the oldest... (tai kwai tou)... and this game is called "family" or "house".

In this family, there would be a "mother, daughters and normally the youngest one would pretend to be a "baby", (never thought of having a "father" then) ... and I always portray as the "mother" mainly because of my seniority and could order them around... (haha) How we acted and pretended, I couldnt remember much but I know we enjoyed playing the same family thing over and over again each weekend. The "family game" would normally end when one of the kids started to cry and the real mother would come upstairs to scold us...

That was one of my childhood "games" during the time I was at the tender age. If my kids read this, I can easily guess they would say this...... "Mum...are u joking?"


  1. 1st~~~

    hehe, ya rembering past time is always nice n feel wan bak to tat time again

  2. Hi Reanaclaire, its always fun bringing back memories.
    I have three younger sisters, no brothers (died during the war) and they would play hopscotch as well that 5 stones, throwing one in the air and picking up one.

    I was more into catching fighting fish at nearby padi fields or shooting mudskippers by river banks with catapaults.

    But today, every family will have captured their children's growing up with camcorders.
    For me was diaries and notebooks.
    Have a nice day, Reana, Lee.

  3. we have this game too here in the Philippines we call it "bahay-bahayan" (play-house)same as your rules c:we enjoy it too c:

  4. dropping by again c: i think what your saying is the commercials that pop-up everytime you open the comment box and place your comments.maybe the commercial was embedded in your HTML file

  5. you should open and check it remove it too

  6. Hahaha.. Nostalgic.. Thanks for sharing your memories :D Maybe AA they all should try and play this with his siblings.. wakakakaka.. :P

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  8. I don't seem to be playing then leh...

  9. Yes, nowadays i seem to be interested in 'uncovering' the history of my days.. what and how much I could recover, I will write it down..we dont hv a camcoder or even a nice camera to keep the memories, all are in my hard disk (brain) so hopefully, before I get absentminded, I will blog what I can..
    Each of us have different type of interest, unlike now, most kids in my place have 2 common interest, ie. either on their hp or their computers.. both of these gadgets are their passtime...

  10. hahaha!

    I played this too when I was a child! LOL!

  11. Nice to remember our fun memomies especially when we were a kid :)
    When I was a kid I used to portray as a child hehe.
    But couldn't paly with the other kids so often because of my strict grandparents.There was always a limit hahaha

  12. 1st time here. i remembered playing this too when i was a kiddo! hehehe... brings back good memories :)


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