Sunday, April 27, 2008

Phua Chu Kang Best in Ipoh (Part 2)

Continuation of Gurmit Singh's testimony on the charity dinner at Sun Lee How Fook Restaurant, Ipoh... Due to my procrastination and dilly-dallying, these pictures were delayed being uploaded until today... I guess I have to buy a handphone with a good camera, cannot be borrowing all the time to take pictures(so embarassing)...Ok, from today onwards, start saving money, start by eating less good food...such as those below... (few dishes were not posted esp the first dish and the last few)

worshipping and giving thanks to our Lord before we start 'walloping' the food

fried crispy brown chicken with prawn crackers
followed by

stew pork with yam (kau yook)

delicious fish meat wrapped with foo chook (dont know what its called in english)

deep fried fish with shredded apple, mango toppings and sweet sour sauce

mixed vegetables with lots of varieties esp the yellow gingko

and finally, one for the album again with Mr Gurmit Singh....
Thanks to Mr Gurmit Singh, with his jests and a touching testimony of God's great love, it was indeed a very memorable night for all of us.... .. he has God-sent talents in him ... May he uses them to do God's works and extend God's kingdom.... God Bless him always.....


  1. Hi Claire. Thanks for stopping by. Your blog makes me become hungry.

    What a great time you have with Gurmit Singh. He's truly a classic.

    How I wish I could be there too!

    Greetings from Clement

  2. hi,just hit ur blog during lunch, nice, promise to come back again , kudos nice job.

  3. thanks for dropping by..i guess we learn from each other.. its our common interest, so to speak.. haha..


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