Thursday, May 8, 2008


Here are some pictures taken in Buntong new village market, it is located 10 minutes from town... most of the residents here are chinese and indian community.... but many people from other residential areas come here to do marketing cos its cheaper over here. Each day, the peddlers are different...for eg. this morning, this batch of peddlers will do their business here, tomorrow will be another batch of peddlers selling different things....its interesting in a way...

one of the roads leading to the market, very narrow.. dont park here

part of the entrance to the market...

smile man...u r on the net...

still smiling ... must be making good business .....haha

cheap shirts..RM5.00 only la

this portion is for fulfilling hunger, of course...

my bowl of mee.... half curry, half clear soup...

my fren's cup of coffee...
phew... i m full, man....


  1. ok that place is to scout cheap stuff and the food there seem look alright but haven't reallt tested it . hope to pop in the next time if have the chance

  2. food is so so only la... but just to hv other varieties like kueh.. delicacies..

  3. Buntong got such places meh? Anyway, I didn't really go there even I was staying in Ipoh last time. Great to go to those 'corners' and search for food. So, u got any good bargains?

  4. oh..bought a pair of slippers to wear inside the house..RM4.00 only...ha ha

  5. I like going to wet markets - always interesting things to see, vibrant and busy, especially those village markets. This reminds me of the Pasir Pinji & Gunong Rapat markets! Things are so much cheaper there than the big-city sanitized markets!

  6. ditto to that.. especially us ladies, we like to look around and compare prices at times..haha..

  7. Wahhh...i wanna go market tomorrow! Ours here is just a small street market - a small scale pasar pagi!


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