Friday, May 9, 2008

Hainam Chicken Rice Shop In IPOH

One of my faithful readers told me few days ago..." more showing of food la, can blog something else or not? Something more dramatic and inspirational....bla bla..".... Haiyah... wish I could write like Sidney Sheldon or Judith Michael that make many get addicted to my blog... ha ha ... dream on....

Ok, Iwill try to ... sometimes inspiration comes at odd times, esp when one lies on the bed and topics come rushing into the mind but then, the lights are already out, so no way I will get up, switch on my pc and blog...sleep is more precious....hmm...

Alright, for chicken rice lovers, this is one shop you can bypass...we went and try out this Hainan chicken rice shop... its not that it's lousy, actually, the chicken is just so so, the fish cake looks good but not tasty at all...the only one consolation is the vegetable..sawi..that was the best among the 3 dishes cos its fresh and crunchy, just nicely cooked..

The price? Well, it cost us RM38.00..... very expensive la...4 of us, small rice time order individually, it is cheaper that way...


  1. Hi Claire...maybe my hainanese chicken rice is better, hoh?

  2. of course..and cheaper too... haha... homecook is always the best... hey, must soak in cold water bit? that part is new to me...

  3. Ya, and i have explained in my blog why u need to do that. Try it and let me know the result, ok!

  4. woah........mouth watering!


Thank you, readers!

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