Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Slowest Chicken In Ipoh....

JUST NOW after church service around 10pm, 4 of us went for dinner cum supper...(dinsup, for short).... went to this Kam Hor (Golden River) for the smooth koayteow noodles, taugeh (bean sprouts) and pak cham kai (steamed chicken).

This shop is situated in Ipoh Garden just opposite Woolley Gourment Centre. I have blogged about this Kam Hor shop earlier on in one of my blogs, describing how patient one can be while waiting to be served.

For too hungry starved people, please do not go there, you will get steamed up...for patient and semi hungry humans, then it is worthwhile waiting for the chicken to 'come' and be 'laid' on the table... haha....

first comes the tau geh...crunchy and nice.. worth waiting one...

then followed by the koay teow noodles...

finally...phew... the steamed chicken....not enough for 4 people, but dont care la.. dont want to wait anymore... see the pooorr taugeh behind?? all walloped within seconds la...


  1. yummy.... i craved for this.... but stop posting it, else i gotta spend another $6.90 at Old town cafe for a bowl of hor fun again. :( That's the only place that offered good chicken hor fun outside Ipoh.

  2. if i know this would 'torture' u, i would hv posted it much much earlier.. he he... next time when u come back, remember this shop.. i take u if u dont the way.. :)

  3. I tot the cowan st. taugeh chicken is better? Other than that (putting aside lou wong which sucks already), Onn keh also not bad wat. There's also one in Bercham but heard that it's not as good. of course, the quality is high in Ipoh, even the worse one is better than many places outside Ipoh.

  4. next time u try this ipoh garden one and compare with the onn kee... cheaper also here...4 of us ate.. the bill came to 25rm only.. cheap or not?

  5. this one!i am hungry reading your post!hahahaha!

    by the way,please recheck my link because it is not working.let me know once the link will be added successfully.terema kasi banyak banyak!


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