Monday, June 9, 2008


TODAY is Monday, supposed to be black, so they say... and guess what?? It is really true... today was really black...'black' in the sense of ... my whole office building was in darkness...yeh!!!!

When I reached office this morning around 7.45am, the 4 lifts at the lobby was barred from entering... aiyoh!! No joke... my department is at the 5th floor, how man... with my high heels, 2 litres of water and one document bag weighing nearly a kilo, I slowly dragged myself up .... stopping at 3rd floor to catch breaths, then 4th floor to catch some more breaths before reaching the 5th nearly without any breath...!!!

So cham...cannot deny my age is really catching up...furthermore, no breakfast yet...on the brighter side, can lose weight, hor....walking up like that...

Office was in darkness, no air con, no fan, no ventilation, no phone lines and worst, no internet...

AND how many times I walked up and down today......for the first time in history, I have walked 800 steps on the staircase....PHEW... no wonder tonite's dinner I could 'wallop' so plate of rice and 2 bah changs (dumplings) made in Malacca..."donated" by my buddy, Lynn ...

(hope tomorrow another black dark day in need to crack head ma..)


  1. wow!!!!!!!too much walking?good for you!heheheheh!and the Malaccan delicacy?so yummy!i miss Malacca!Been there is fantastic!!!

  2. is fantastic in Malaysia...haha..not bragging cos we r a multi racial country, each individual race have their own specialities..hope u make a trip back here to savour as much as u can!! haha... take care..

  3. good so much good stuffs lately, must exercise a bit.

  4. yeah..hopefully this week can go for 3 days of badminton..nothing interest me more than this game.. how about u? any more duels lately?

  5. no more tournaments..... seasons over. Will continue to join in my company's practice sessions to sweat as well as go to the gym for a workout.

  6. if i have many jobs in hand and there is a blackout, then i will become crazy.....

  7. Wow! good cardio! Hope all's well by tomorrow.

  8. is all well and working now.. no more groping around in the darkness esp at the staircase.. haha..


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