Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Money Can Wait...

BLOGGING issue again... I have retracted my earlier post due to the cause that it might make others misunderstand that blogging for advertisers might be easy... well, it might, provided that one understands the rules and regulations, the terms and conditions of whoever and whichever website they are blogging for.

As for me, I dont really understand how it works, as long as I get an opportunity to post about, I am satisfied...but then it is not the correct way. In order to make money online, one has to have a good ranking so that advertisers will come looking your way. One slip, it will be a failure...

Anyway, as my fellow blogger said, we learn as we go along not let the slip stands in our way, we will continue to blog as we please and enjoy doing. If there is an opportunity along the way, I take it. ...if none, the Money will just have to wait... (sob..sob...sob..)


  1. Aww... dun 'fui sam'. At least u found bloggies fwens who make u laff, ngam moe?:) *hugz*

  2. i come pong change you everyday.. give you inspirasi and sokongaan.. he he..

  3. awww... i m so kam toong..kwai pei.. so overwhelmed..tears coming to my eyes already.. mixed emotions..yau hoi sum, yau fui sam.. seriously ah, all of u ah.. very very nice la.. bringing joy my life lately...very very good bloggies..appreciate that..

  4. (rephrased in Yoda's words) hmm..... hardcore blogger, I sensed in you.

  5. i dont have any opportunities because of my PR0. So i guess i'll just continue blogging.thanks for the drop.

  6. nice entry:) I also realized that:)

  7. Hi Claire.Here are some tips to improve your traffic and get more opps although currently I'm having lesser opps coming my way too.
    1. Don't fail visiting your links.
    2. Do taggies or memes.
    3. Be consistent on updating and posting daily.
    4.Register your blog with payu2blog.com, smorty.com and reviewme.com.

  8. really..you just need to patient and always update your post:)


Thank you, readers!

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