Thursday, July 24, 2008

My Country, My Home, Malaysia

Malaysia is famous for its multi cultural community, namely the Malays, Chinese, Indians, Ibans, Kadazans, so on and so forth. So it is no surprise when one says he misses the malaysian food when he goes overseas. Exotic food in Malaysia can win many 'stomachs', so they can find delicious, spicy, mouth watering food in almost every town.

Ipoh is my hometown. IPOH is pronounced as E-Poh, where tin miners were abundant in the early 1930s or 40s, famous for its tin mine then... Other than tin mine, Ipoh is famous for beautiful girls (not a joke) ... when you mention you are from IPOH, people will tease you, "Oh, from the land of beauties".... but of course there are some exception, as in yours truly here...

Other than the beauties, Ipoh is famous for its FOOD. The most popular delicacies are 'koay teow' (white smooth noodles} and bean sprouts, which are well known for its crispness caused by the fresh spring water in the Ipoh mountains. Besides that, we have many other varieties such as freshly steamed chicken to go with rice or the noodles, thick spicy curry mee with toppings, claypot rice, steamed crabs in claypots too, steamboat, grilled fish, etc etc.. I guess food over here is just endless....

Not forgetting our local tropical fruits such as the durians, mangosteens, papayas, bananas, dragon fruits, water melon, langsat, chikus....there are abundant over here in Malaysia too.

Besides all these, Malaysians like to speak "Manglish" (English + Malay language). We like to add in our own expressions when we speak, so its very common if you hear a Malaysian ends the sentence with a "lah" and Chinese like to add in some more with "ma", "meh", "wor"....... It is just our way of making it hilarious and more friendly....

One will find working life in Malaysia less stressful because we have the most public holidays, if I am not mistaken, due to the fact, we have different festivals all the year throughout. When our fellow Malaysian celebrates their own race's festivals, other races follow suit...we go visiting to their houses to greet them good wishes and eat to our hearts' content of the different cultural food they offer.

I dont have a Malaysian celebrity to date because I believe all Malaysians will be celebrities if we give respect to each other. I hope that all Malaysians regardless of what race we are will continue to live harmoniously and peacefully with one another. This will be the Malaysia that I will grow to love.


  1. why suddenly so patriotic? :-)

  2. haha... i know one of u is going to ask me that...dont sound like me, hor?? no la..just promoting Malaysia for free... for once, do something for Malaysia la.. give chance, dont laugh at me ah..

  3. of course, ipoh which is the place is producing 'leng lui'.Unfortunately my wife is not from ipoh lei......for me is ok la, at least the attidute is more important than the pretty.
    Claire, dun let lynn know oh....kekekkkkkkk

  4. i will tell her unless u belanja me big makan.. in east ocean, 30th August..haha...

  5. *stand straight* Negaraku....
    Wah.. ur post make me teary eyed leh.. Miss home.. waaaahhhh...

    *tanah tumpahnya darahku....oooowwwwwwww*

  6. jokers.. stand straight some more.. hehe.. long time never sing that song already...actually Malaysia is a very nice place to stay..if only..if only... right, guys?

  7. It's a great place except KL.... it's a mess there. No proper planning, loads of crime ....etc etc.


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