Saturday, July 12, 2008

Scenerio In The School....

IT WAS AN OPEN DAY in my son's school yesterday whereby all parents have to go to the school to meet up with the teachers and at the same time getting the report cards from them...

As I was walking slowly past the school gate into the compound, I was surprised to see ladies, or should I say, mothers everywhere and these were the remarks that I heard as I passed them by...

Scenerio A-Mummy that walked fast

Mummy : .....Ok, today onwards, no more computers and handphone........hear more!!

Son : how can (grumbling away)

(I was thinking, hmmm..must be no good results)

Scenerio B-Mummy that lingered

Mummy 1 in loud voice : What did your son get ah? My son's position in the whole form is 35th la.. not that good also..... (wah, like that also not good ah??)

Mummy 2 responded : Not bad ma... my son is also around there............

(hmmm....not bad, these 2 mothers comparing their sons with each other)

Scenerio C - Yours truly here...

I walked up to the teacher, said good morning and sat down...

Teacher : Oh, your son is ........... he needs to pay more attention to these subjects... (pointed out a few subjects).....He can still catch up...there are 4 months more to go before the finals...

Me : Yeah, if less computer and less sms, he CAN SURELY do much better.....

Then Teacher looked at my son and said : When your mother can sacrificed so many years for you, can't you sacrifice JUST 4 months to do well for your exam?

Me : (speechless... so touchy)
Son : (smiling and nodding his head)

On the way out, I was thinking about the scenerios earlier, I feel kind of amused.. ... Should I be walking out fast or should I be lingering around to talk to other mothers??? Well, I walked out fast .... not because of his results .....but to rush back to the office!

As for my son, he is big enough to understand ... and if he doesnt, I hope he will read this blog... :))


  1. Mana itu cane? take out la.. wait for wat ooo.. :P


  2. Boy boy better be good. Mummy works hard, you must study hard too! Does boy boy have a blog? :-P

  3. four months, sap sap sui. can do it! sure can get number 2.

  4. haha..thanks for the encouragement.. he doesnt know i wrote this blog.. he might jump up sky high..or he might just smug it off.. lets wait and see..

  5. aiya...just encourage and motivates him, and let him have a balance schedule. 60% study, 20% sports, 20% leisure kinda thing. Marks and IQ not everything, EQ more important.

  6. day u call him up to tell him... or better still, in msn... he will listen to this uncle one... hehe.. still in sg ah? not back yet meh?

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  9. not easy to be mummy. best of luck to your journey, claire.

  10. thanks misti... take it up as a challenge in life.. when there r challenges, then only we will know our strength in conquering.. this is not much of a problem,anyway.. haha..

  11. #CLAIRE: haha. one can hardly call taking care of your child a problem eh? mother's love is the best.

  12. what i meant was..the results of his report card was not much of a problem.. there are tougher challenges ahead or have overcome.. haha..

  13. Hahaha... rushed out go office instead.

  14. no problem one, he will excel , sure one la

  15. Haih.... your boy, lol. Mine, still refuse to write.

  16. well... we mummies or daddies out there.. WE ASK FOR IT... haha.. just joking!!

  17. Boys will be boys...i have the same experience too. Hopefully they will "sang seng" soon and not so playful when it comes to the important stuff.

  18. Trust yr bodyguard. have faith in him. Yes, boys will be boys, but there are times they can be men of the house or big boys of the house! Guidance is the key word. Good Luck!


Thank you, readers!

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