Monday, August 18, 2008

From Back To Front....

WE ADJOURNED TO MALACCA after the home cooked lunch...Lynn took us to see her auntie's house behind Jonker's is an old heritage house, we were very fascinated because of its length, it is a very long house built to accomodate the entire clan family during those olden days. Now the house is practically empty... Lynn led the way through the back lane, like thieves..... ...shhhh......shhhh.....

one young lady leading the way...

from the back door

chopped woods for cooking...

anything cooked with this type of stove is anytime more delicious than gas stove

part of the kitchen

the olden days type of bed...

the well (not a wishing well though)

one of the staircase...there are at least 5 or 6 staircase..

one of the living halls...

another part of the living halls..

the tourists posing in front of the heritage house...

and finally the main road in front of the house....


  1. ha ha.....
    long lei the house.actually my grandma house oso like this but not same as long as melaka one la.
    if u got one house like this u fatt datt lo....
    Melaka boleh!

  2. yeah..this house is at least 3 terrace houses in length..i think more la... i should hv measured it..

  3. Nice photos. Back to memory lane. These are antic houses. Don't see a lot of these anymore

  4. hope they will preserved and beautified it! (ada hantu ah??):P

  5. haha,...when i went upstairs, very eerie feeling..cos empty..but my fren's auntie still go there every now and then to tidy up and to cook once awhile... very big and long house.. sure eerie..haha

  6. Yo, you got ask why nobody live there anymore? Have plans to renovate or convert to something nice ar? hehehe
    I worked in Melaka for 3 years from 79-81 also no chance to visit one of these great structures lah, hope will at least can take a look inside or even stay a nite...can arrange?

  7. wah.. very special wor. Got a lot of harta wor.

    How come got one poster pengantin baru geh?

  8. ai ya , how come you put my photo in. Only now i realised that i look like one of the auntie in the a nice visit, i too have some of the old items like the old antique iron bed, the 'batu giling', the fire reminds me of my father's house back in kampung

  9. hey..who are u annoymous?? hope u tell me.. :)

  10. wow u sure are lucky to be able to go into one of these houses. so authentic! :)


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