Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Malacca Food In Jonkers Street

FOR OUR EARLY DINNER, (it was only 4pm), Lynn took us to eat chicken rice balls along Jonkers Street... the shop was still crowded eventhough we went in at such odd hour, well, nothing surprising if we are chinese.... have food will travel one...
I love the architectural surrounding of this shop, it looks like those ancient sword fighting movies...this shop's design is similar to my previous post...the heritage house....

the shop was really crowded... but food came fast, less than 10 minutes...

the steamed chicken with extras toppings...

these looks like fish balls, right? but they are actually chicken rice balls...
i couldnt remember how many balls i have eaten... oopps..

of course, must be accompanied with a plate of vegetables...

the display on the table...cost us RM32.00, quite cheap too

MORNING BREAKFAST was in Jonkers Street...haha..that was the only place within walking distance from our budget hotel. Actually we didnt know where to eat, just walked around and finally ended up in this shop selling dim sum. Well, looks nice but I still preferred IPOH dim sum anytime....(i m bias :))

here we come....

waiter, please....

what shall we choose??

these......(not enough leh)

plus these.... some were missing though..
anyway, it was cheap eating here...only RM22.00


  1. o gosh! this posting is making me hungry...

  2. i love chicken rice balls!! Wonder why it was not sold elsewhere :(
    Jonker street always brings out the nostalgic feeling, as though as you are back in the 60s or 70s. haha...

  3. yeah, something like that..cos the place there is so heritage-like, even the place where we ate the chicken rice balls, it looks like those sword fighting movies..but i think ipoh food is still better..hehe..ice kacang cannot be compared to ipoh ..

  4. Hello claire, i have read your comment in my blog, thanks.
    To get the first task, maybe you can try to raise the price below they budget. and remain to improve your blog rate. you don't have surendered! I also have kicked one's heels to get the first task.

    good luck!!!

  5. yup..i have also experienced kind of that situation... i just checked the opp some time..good thing it was then opened so i was able to pass my post..

  6. yumyumyummmmmmy! I'm feeling hungry already...

  7. Really cheap woo if compare in Ipoh.
    How about the taste?

  8. the taste was mar mar only.. but not too bad also.. hehe.. my mouth might be a bit bit 'fussy'...

  9. your site is interesting to visit!!!!!
    Have a look on my two sites too.......

  10. oh ya, i had friends asking.. "arent we having chicken rice... why is there fish ball?" haha! :)


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