Saturday, August 23, 2008

Lunch At Kampong Bali, Tronoh

Went to UTP, Tronoh to deliver AA's laptop which was under repair last week. After the 45 minutes drive from IPOH, we were famished. I was very tired too, from 8am in the morning till 2pm, all my energy were nearly exhausted by the running of errands. AA took over the wheel when I reached there and he took us for lunch in this Kampong Bali, I have never been there before... It seems the chinese students normally come here for chinese food, at least some home-cooked chinese style... for those who miss home, this is satisfying...

Kampong Bali, a small village in Tronoh

we ordered shell seafood called "lala"

steamed talapia fish with mixed sauce...

kailan vegetables with meat...

and being 'chinesey', soup is a must... this is 'kau kei' mixed with battered egg...
Price ? Cost RM38/- Comments ? so-so, just a simple home cooked meal to satisfy hunger...

After our late lunch at 3pm, Andy and I rushed back to IPOH, my church singing practice was at 5pm... with the speed limit at 90kmp, we reached home around 4.20pm... now I m so tired... how nice if I have an Ogawa massage chair now... hmmm....


  1. yum yum...ginutom tuloy ako...

    btw, added your link sis as claire on my list and you've been tagged here.

    have a nice weekend!

  2. the food look yummy but wish i have tasted it. especially the lala/ steam fish . hope she can take me there to try it out .

  3. when reading yr title, i at first thought it was in bali island haha. but nevertheless, nice pics - like the kampung feeling :)

  4. hi sis, i linked you up here on my blog, please link it up, too..this is my idealpinkrose blog...i also added you in my allinkorea that you named as idealpinkrose..can you please change it to allinkorea and add my idealpinkrose link?

    thanks a lot in advance...

  5. yummy c: nothing but yummyness c: added u to my link as claire is that ok c:

  6. glllgeck... make me hungry... ehemmm

  7. i love tronoh .... thanks to my teenage crush on one Pretty young thing...haha.... She's as old as me now.. ;(

  8. really? how come i didnt know u hv a syt in tronoh? wah.. keeping so much skeletons in the closet eh?

  9. shh...dun tell my wife... :P

  10. Wow......yummy
    i oso wan to taste it..
    'lala' is my favourite.

  11. Honestly..I damn love the "steamed talapia fish with mixed sauce"....I love the sauce so much !! air liur is coming out..!!


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