Saturday, August 23, 2008

Please Slow Down, Time

Time..time....I m rushing for time.. another 20 min I got to leave for church... I been so busy from morning till now, eventhough it is a Saturday today... Rushed here and there, just came back from Tronoh after visiting my AA in UTP...ok,will upload the pictures later... got to prepare myself for church practice now....wait for me, guys...


  1. hi, tried joining hype an hour ago i think, but didn't receive their confirmation... how many hours or days does they send you your confirmation for i know it does not take that long..

  2. sorry..i cant remember, i hv to look back into my emails..but i dont think it will take long, at least 48-72 in PPP or SS... hope it works out for u.. one thing, they dont hv affiliate program, so we dont get anything if anyone were to sign in here...

  3. heya u r kinda cool lah. so rushing, got time to blog a post hehe :)


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