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Saturday, August 9, 2008

My Name Is Grumpy today...

JUST GOT BACK FROM TAIPING ... it was a very long day, exhausting, waiting endlessly and getting nothing back... what am I mumbling about...

Went for the badminton inter-district competition, held in Taiping Rakan Muda Hall, reached there around 8am.... it was so poorly organised.... we ladies have to wait from 8am till 3pm ...Then only our tournament started... most of us were nearly dead beat, exhausted from the heat and the unnecessary waiting....wasting all my time....the food was horrible too, rubberised noodles, .... (grumble... grumble... grumble...)

By the time I reached my home sweet home, it was already 9pm... nearly dying from hunger.... more than 13 hours wasted in today's tournament and not winning too... sigh... got 3rd place, no prize also... perhaps if the game starts early morning, surely can win??... (big talker) I blame it on the organisers...cos my name is Lai (blame)... I sure 'lai' those involved in the organising of this tournament... (poor loser)


  1. At least you get to play.
    You got home late, but safe.

  2. You were tired, but you get to sleep.
    Hungry, but got something to eat.

  3. poor thing..... I suppose that's how malaysian gov. works!

  4. BBH, true true.. always look on the bright side of things.. thanks..i just want to fatt loe soe... as chris said, that is how the GO-v works at times..very very slow..not song fai..

  5. Aiyar.. no uber cup to tayang in the house ah? Nehmind.. next year cubo lagi. Jia Yoe!

  6. brought home a 'kat' only.. haha.. anyway, it was the excitement that play with other districts was a good experience... no regrets..lesson learnt, dont wake up so early...

  7. Hope u had a good rest today :)


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