Sunday, August 10, 2008

Don't Judge The Food By Its Looks...

HAD A SIMPLE DINNER this evening in GreenTown Corner Coffeeshop... not much choices of food over there in the evening but since it was on the way to Parkson, ching chai la, just grabbed something to fill in our stomachs first....

When kids saw this in the menu, they quickly ordered this... (moe fong goh)....

and this....

fried rice with salted fish (no good, flat taste if not for the salted fish, its worse)

only this looked more attractive...

my kids took mini wok noodles... they liked it but i didn't ...maybe tonite no appetite..(still fuming over last night's defeat perhaps?)

of course not... I dont expect to win and I am used to losing too... :))


  1. you are right. don't judge the food by how they look. i have that weakness. i don't just eat any food especially if i don't like the look of it. but i am trying to stop that disease!

  2. miss those foods esp. the last one the noodles with chicken and mushrooms, can't remember the name of it, but my friends and i used to eat that when we were in K.L, malaysia so yummy!

  3. wow look at the dessert.. those red balls are watermelon ka

  4. what's the place called, so that I will avoid it next time when im back in Ipoh. :P

  5. Maybe some home-cooked Assam Laksa will perk up your appetite? Check out my latest post :)

  6. assam laksa? check out my latest post too! :)

  7. wow..when talking about food, sure is mouth watering.. when both of u mentioned laksa, my mind was set on laksa so i had it during my lunch time.. see how much food influence me? anyway, thanks all of u who come by and comment.. will post good and not good food when i come across, to share with u all..

  8. hmmm all the foods looks delicious and mouth- watering.. hmmm but i have to agree with u.. appearance r deceptive


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